Andy Cohen Addresses RHONJ Editing Drama

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.54.18 AM Many have been questioning why the hell there is so much editing going on with The Real Housewives of New Jersey. First we found out that the meeting with Melissa Gorga and Penny Drossos actually happened after the Arizona trip. Then Andy Cohen, RHONJ, Penny Drossos revealed all her words were edited when she was talking to Melissa and Joe. Then Melissa and Joe were edited out of the Little Town opening on Sunday’s latest episode because they were apparently in Orlando. Andy Cohen is finally responding to all the editing complains via twitter Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 10.52.20 AM And there you have it…

Many viewers have been questioning the excessive editing seen in the show. It has been revealed that certain events and conversations have been rearranged or altered for dramatic effect. This editing process aims to create a more engaging and captivating storyline for the audience.

Several editing discrepancies have come to light recently. Firstly, it was revealed that the meeting between Melissa Gorga and Penny Drossos actually took place after the Arizona trip, contrary to the way it was portrayed on the show. Additionally, Penny Drossos disclosed that her words were edited during her conversation with Melissa and Joe. Furthermore, in the latest episode, Melissa and Joe were edited out of the Little Town opening as they were apparently in Orlando at the time.

Andy Cohen, the host and executive producer of The Real Housewives franchise, has addressed the editing complaints via Twitter. While the specific details of his response are not provided in the given content, it can be inferred that he has acknowledged the concerns raised by viewers and has chosen to respond to them through the social media platform.

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