RHOM Recap: The Ladies Refuse To Come Together, Not Even For Charity!



This week, the Real Housewives of Miami made it clear – “you can’t sit with us!” if you are a friend of their enemy! There is a huge split, and they are making it known. And, if you’re not choosing a side then you can go bye-bye, as Alexia learned this episode.

We begin this week with Lea Black preparing for her annual gala! She’s running around as usual working on last minute touches. At least her puppy isn’t sick like last year. Nonetheless, she finds some time to try on tons of borrowed diamonds. Nothing says humility and charitable giving like a Lea Black sized chunk of diamond necklace, right?

Side note: Why was Lea acting like Taylor Hicks was Elton John or something?

Lisa Hochstein is still struggling to get pregnant. She will begin a cycle of IVF treatments, and her husband Lenny tells her that they can always try surrogacy if it fails. Lisa is having a hard time accepting surrogacy as an alternative, because she really wants to feel motherhood and have her baby grow inside of her and give birth to it herself, not another woman.

Meanwhile, The Lea Black Victims Association (Cuban heritage not required, but preferred) ditch the gala and head for a fun day out to “gay polo”, party bus and all! The booze is flowing and the girls are having a great time. This includes Adriana (President), Marysol (Founder), Ana (Vice President) and member at large Lauren Foster.

Alexia’s membership is pending as of now, because she is hanging out with the girls but plans to leave early to attend Lea’s gala just as she and her husband Herman promised her! When Alexia tells the girls her husband has sent a car to pick her up they instantly attack her, pressuring her not to attending Lea’s gala. They make her feel guilty and trash Lea, saying that Lea will only end up hurting Alexia.

In the end, Alexia (who has been sick) calls Lea and tells her that she won’t make it to the gala because she’s sick. Isn’t it crazy how IDENTICAL this is to Mean Girls? Hilarious. And odd. Alexia wasn’t 100% honest, she later reveals in her confessional that she was definitely swayed by her friends and started to question Lea’s motives.

While getting ready for the gala, Lisa is bummed that her husband works too many hours and is never there getting ready with her and going out with her. However, he more than makes up for it when he finally arrives! He presents her with a gorgeous diamond necklace. The life of a Miami housewife. Lenny can be late all he wants!

It’s time for the big event and all the stars arrive, including Dennis Rodman who drinks vodka sodas. Joanna and Lisa with their men Romain and Lenny discuss last week’s fight between Romain and Frederic. Basically, Romain wants a public apology from Frederic for his public insult. Lenny suggests taking the boys out so they hash out their drama. Ummm, RHONJ much?

At the gala, things kick off slowly with hardly anyone bidding on items. A lady then bids $10,000 in Joanna’s name which is exciting. Lisa helps to model some jewelry for the attendees to bid on, and the night picks up, ending with a blast of a performance by Flo Rida. Also, Karent made a little cameo with her new boo.

Thoughts on tonight’s RHOM? Were the girls wrong to peer pressure Alexia out of going to the gala? Let’s discuss!

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