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Last week, The Real Housewives of New Jersey filmed season 5’s reunion and AllAboutTRH has all of the juicy details. The ladies taped for about 15 hours and my Jersey sources who were in attendance gave me all the scoop telling me how it all started and ended! “The reunion was a lot better than last season’s because everyone ended off on a good note,” reveals a source. “The reunion wasn’t as intense. It obviously revolved a lot around Teresa but she seemed to handle everything fine. Teresa was getting annoyed with a few things. If Teresa was talking to Melissa, Kathy would always back Melissa up. If she was talking to Caroline, Melissa would get involved. The only person who stayed out of the drama was Jacqueline. Jacqueline never got in the middle of any of the arguments that involved Teresa. Teresa’s biggest problem was Caroline calling Teresa superficial. Teresa and Caroline both were getting loud when it came to this topic. Caroline especially got very loud with Teresa and Jacqueline refused to get involved with there drama remaining quiet. As for Teresa’s legal trouble, Teresa didn’t get into any detail with it.”

The source continued, “the ladies argued but nothing got to an extreme level. In the end, everyone was fine. As for Teresa and Melissa. They will never hang out socially just the two of them. They will never really like each other but they both will make sure there children get to see each other because that’s what’s important to them. Teresa is over the fighting and wants nothing to do with it anymore. She refuses to be involved in any fights with her family next season and made it quite clear to her family.”

I guess it’s a good thing that everyone ended on a good note. Are you excited to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s reunion?

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