RHONJ Recap: No More Horsing Around For The RHONJ Gang!


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Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues as the gang are still in Arizona celebrating Melissa Gorga’s birthday. Call me crazy but I highly doubt Joe Gorga planned this Arizona trip. It’s pretty obvious production put this together and found this place. It’s even more obvious that Melissa is not happy with her husband’s supposed choice.

Everyone is headed to do another therapy session and Melissa is over it. Isn’t it funny to see her complain about being drained when she actually backed out on things already due to her sickness? The gang are introduced to Wyatt Webb. Wyatt is a therapist who actually uses horses to help situations. Wyatt explains that horses can sense feelings in humans, and so they end up shying away from them unless they feel like the humans are being authentic.

It’s clear Teresa, Joe Gorga, and Melissa are not into this activity and not seeing the big picture. Wyatt is an actual genius with an unbelievable amount of talent. He really can see inside of people and doesn’t tolerate bullshit. It was nice to see him call Richard out and even everyone else.

Caroline realizes that Teresa, Joe Gorga and Melissa aren’t taking the exercise seriously and she is right. While Wyatt calls Richie and Kathy up to do the activity, Joe Giudice leaves for a moment to answer a phone call. Nice one, Bravo. Trying to make it as if Joe is going to be stupid enough to answer a shady phone call while cameras on again. The phone call ends up being Milania and she is just calling her parents to see how everything is.

While Kathy and Richie are up, Kathy makes it apparent that she and Richie are having marriage problems and Richie admits he has anger issues. Kathy has been using her marriage as a storyline but always justifies what she says and Richie’s actions on her blogs etc. making it like everything is perfect when in reality, it all just seems confusing.

Joe Giudice gets called up and shockingly Wyatt gets Joe to open up about him possibly going to jail. The entire gang was taken back that Joe even said anything. To me, Joe Giudice is a smart guy. He knew what the activity was about while his family didn’t really understand the exercise and actually went through with it. Kudos to Joe for that.

In the end, we see a lot of the cast get emotional and Melissa say that she learned she can’t lift a horse’s leg. Nice one, Melissa. Caroline ends up saying that she believes Melissa and Teresa are the same person adding that they cannot open up and that they’re so superficial. At times, I can see why Caroline feels that way.

Later in the night, Joe and Teresa get some sexy time at the hot tub and Joe Giudice again opens up about going into prison saying he doesn’t belong there. It is sad to see that Joe is truly scared about being forced to leave his family and go to jail.

Teresa is ready to move forward with Jacqueline, so ready that she pulls her outside to have a burning ceremony. Teresa wants Jacqueline to let everything out and this is the perfect opportunity for Jacqueline to bring up the karma comment which she does. Teresa explains that when saying karma could be passed to children, she in no way meant that for Nicolas. Jacqueline is surprised Teresa would ever move want to move forward with her. And I don’t blame her for being surprised because I think many of us were.

In the end the two agree to just move forward and while Sunday’s episode ended well, next week looks pretty intense!

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