RHONJ Recap: Melissa’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her, Again, And It’s Teresa’s Fault, Again!



This week’s Real Housewives of New Jersey was pretty tense! Once again, the route the show takes is toward Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice. Why are the other three even here at this point?! Make Joe Gorga the third Housewife and call it a cast. Let’s get started.

Teresa and Melissa are working on re-building their relationship as sister-in-laws. Teresa and her girls come over to Melissa’s for the day, and my favorite thing about it all is the KIDS! How adorable are they when they get together? I don’t understand how these two families don’t become attached instantly just by seeing their kids interact with one another.

Antonia takes Milania downstairs to the recording studio and it’s just hilarious how Milania instantly climbs the microphone. That girl must be a crazy wild child to raise, but she sure makes some flawless TV. Teresa and Melissa sit down to talk and Melissa shows Teresa the first mock-up of her new book. Teresa is like, ‘Oh…nice…!’ which Melissa takes as Teresa judging it.

Melissa then brings up a Life & Style cover that just came out of the press, claiming Melissa cheated on Joe Gorga. She questions the “convenient” timing of the rumors since her marriage advice book is coming out soon, and Teresa tells her to just ignore it and the rumors will go away. Has that worked for your marriage’s cheating rumors, T?

Melissa says that these girls Teresa hung out with (Kim D, Penny, and Jan) talked about Melissa cheating, so she kind of hints that Teresa might have had something to do with. Teresa denies believing Melissa is a cheater and denies planting these stories to the magazine. These girls are literally walking on egg shells around each other to prevent anymore family feuding!

Kathy and Richie continue to struggle as he views her as nothing more than a housewife without a voice. He’s literally the most annoying creature, keeping Kathy from even forming a sentence at the grocery store, and if I were married to him I probably would’ve done something extreme to get out of that marriage, since apparently old school marriages (which Kathy claims to be in) don’t do divorce. Ugh.

Proving just how gross he is, Richie goes to a cigar bar with Joe Gorga and Chris Laurita. It’s Melissa birthday soon and Chris suggests Joe take her to Arizona. Not staged at all, Joe Gorga decides to invite the rest of the gang. Richie continues to bring up Melissa having sex and it’s literally disgusting. He is a vile pig who needs to not be on anybody’s TV show.

Jacqueline: After her tummy tuck and neck lift, Jacqueline comes back to Franklin Lakes from Los Angeles. The cutest thing ever is Nick lighting up that his mommy has returned! Chris Laurita talks about how it was hard with Nick being away from his mom, so I’m wondering why Jacqueline would opt for plastic surgery away from home while her son needs her in his recovery.

Caroline: Caroline continues to struggle with Al, who seems to be the unhappiest husband ever this season. He is yelling at her over furniture in their new apartment and just storms off to work. Caroline attributes this to being in an old-fashioned marriage where Al is used to calling the shots. Hmm…

Having not enough of a storyline apparently, Caroline has her daughter Lauren and Vito fill in for some filming. They talk about possibly getting engaged and Lauren reveals that whereas three years ago she even had a ring picked out, now she doesn’t really give a crap. She basically says taking the next step with Vito is not really a priority.

It’s finally time for the Milania Hair Care launch party and Teresa and Melissa are both getting ready. Kim D and Teresa come to Teresa’s house and Kim D promises that everything will be fine and there won’t be any drama with the pending issue between Jan and Penny vs. Melissa. Melissa says Jan stabbed her in the back and that she and Teresa will confront her together per Dr. V’s suggestion.

At the party, Jan approaches Kim D, Teresa and Melissa. She asks Melissa if she has anything to say. Melissa is very quiet and seems to be very nervous about Jan being there, instead of being angry that her marriage was under attack and confront the issue head on!

Melissa is upset about the rumor that she cheated on Joe Gorga with her ex and is pissed Jan told people she met with Bryan “Bulldog” (her ex). Jan tells Melissa that she DID meet with Bryan! Meanwhile, Melissa is upset that Teresa is just watching instead of confronting Jan with her like she said she would.

Melissa then gets really upset and calls Jan an “ass” but instead of seeming angry over being lied about, it seems like she’s more angry about being outed for something. Just my opinion. Jan calls Melissa an actress for being a fake person and she storms off.

Penny then comes along and Melissa confronts her about always talking about her marriage even though she doesn’t even know her. Penny says it’s because people keep asking about her marriage since she knows a lot of Melissa’s dirt. Melissa asks who are the people seeking out information and Penny fails to provide an answer.

During Melisa and Penny’s exchange, Teresa is butting in and keeps clarifying that she and Penny are not friends and that she had nothing to do with outing Melissa’s supposed cheating. Melissa and Joe take this as Teresa butting in so that Penny doesn’t out her involvement. Teresa keeps doing this because last year they linked her and Penny for bringing Angelo to out her alleged stripper past. Stupid.

Melissa and Joe say they believe Teresa, and Teresa is ecstatic that she is vindicated, but little does she know that Melissa and Joe lied. They obviously believe Teresa had a part in this and refuse to trust her!

Next week the gang head to Arizona, and have a tear-filled and “zen” trip, which I could not decipher based on the previews. We will find out next week.

For now, let’s discuss this week’s episode! Are Melissa and Joe wrongfully thinking Teresa was involved with Jan and Penny’s scheme?

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