RHONJ Recap: Improvement Finally Happens When Melissa Gorga Isn’t Around!


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Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey continued with the family joined together at the retreat Teresa and Rosie set up. It’s starting to be even more frustrating for me to watch this show because I want to pull out my hair and jump inside the screen and put some sense into all of these people!

Joe Giudice has just heard that his wife was called scum from her brother. Joe Giudice has stayed away from Joe Gorga so that he and Teresa could handle things but was upset that once again, Gorga is disrespecting and name calling his only sister and do you blame Giudice? Gorga continues to bash his sister every way that he can on national TV and he wonders why his parents side with Teresa and not him? As Giudice demands an apology, Gorga thinks he is tough and charges at Giudice and Teresa runs out to call the cops and get some security while Melissa gets involved in the fight and starts punching her brother-in-law in the head and Gorga starts biting Giudice’s balls. Talk about a WTF moment! Melissa is “disgusted” that Teresa didn’t help her brother who just called her scum literally 2 minutes ago and starts calling her names and says she is a pig and disgusting. Melissa even runs over to Teresa like she was going to do something but gets pulled back. Honestly, I really wish that Melissa did something only because I know she wanted too and it’s nice to see her true colors come out.

Everyone’s back at there rooms and Melissa is “done!” She wants to go home and she keeps bashing her sister-in-law to her husband even comparing her to Saddam Hussein. Teresa and Juicy are in there room and Juicy seems to have called down which was surprising. Juicy clearly doesn’t let this stuff get to him. In Kathy’s room, Richie says this is all Teresa’s fault because you know everything bad that happens in this world is Teresa’s fault. Richie starts calling her names and saying she is evil. You know? The usual stuff. I hope he feels very stupid after watching tonight’s episode and seeing clearly for himself that Teresa did not start this and actually pushed Juicy away so that he didn’t go speak to her brother. Richie confronts Teresa and says everything is her fault and Juicy is cracking up because he too knows this is all just a joke. Richie feels that Teresa should have not told Juicy that her brother called her scum and Teresa fires back that Melissa constantly tells her husband everything and vice-versa.

Joe Gorga is back in his room with Melissa and he’s “crying.” As he’s crying, Melissa fuels the fire by talking more crap about Teresa. She doesn’t say, “it’s okay. We’ll get through this.” She bashes Teresa and says how disgusting she is even insulting her business. How can Melissa bash Teresa’s books and drinks when she has a badly autotoned JLO knock off’s and a lame “marriage advice” book. Oh and let’s not forget she can’t put out music without RHONJ being on air because no one will buy her song on Itunes without Bravo promoting it on RHONJ! Melissa continues to say she is done with Teresa which is laughable considering she is on Teresa’s show. If the Gorga’s were really “done” with the evil devil aka Teresa, don’t you think they’d leave RHONJ considering she was on before them?

Joe Gorga blames the fight on his aggravation he’s had on Juicy for the past 10 years as Bravo shows photos of the two smiling together looking like BFF’s. What I found funny is that Richard who is Gorga’s new BFF says Juicy and Joe used to be friends but Gorga continues to claim he has hated Juicy for 10 years? Something doesn’t seem right here…

Richie and the gang ask Teresa to go talk to Joe and take him aside and even after she was called scum by her brother, she agrees. She walks into the room and asks to talk to Joe separately but Melissa refuses this and Joe says nothing. Melissa claims she wants to protect her hubby and won’t allow Teresa to speak to Joe without her being in the room. And Melissa wonders why everyone including Teresa calls him pussy whipped?

Everyone cools off and they all get talked into staying and Teresa calls Caroline to fix things the next morning. Obviously Bravo asked Teresa to do this.

In comes Dr. V to save the day and Melissa seems over it. She doesn’t want to be apart of anything and thinks nothing can be fixed which is funny because Melissa is acting like she tried to fix things before? Dr V talks to everyone and she can see the tension.

Dr. V then asks to talk to Joe Gorga separately and Caroline surprises the cast and Melissa is annoyed to see her. Again, I love that Melissa’s true colors are finally coming out. After Joe Gorga tells Dr. V that he wants nothing to do with his sister, Dr. V calls Teresa to sit with him without Melissa so that they could talk to each other. How sad that the only way these two could speak without Melissa is through a therapist. Dr. V sees the connection between Joe and Teresa and stuff starts getting real. Teresa begins crying which then caused me to cry and you could see all the pain in Teresa’s eyes. Since Joe doesn’t have Melissa saying things on the side, he leans over to Teresa and hugs her and she starts crying even more. Would this have happened if Melissa was watching? Absolutely not. Joe would have been probably way too afraid to say one nice thing to Teresa….

Looks like things are on it’s way to supposedly get better..I guess we’ll wait and see..

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