RHONJ Recap: Being A Whore In Bed Makes A Marriage Successful..According To Melissa!


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Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has my blood boiling. The drama continues and like many, I’m just over it. It’s sad to watch and I’m embarrassed that the families are allowing this to happen on TV! Tonight’s episode begins with Kathy baking in her new kitchen that Richie rent out for her. Jacqueline and Caroline stop by and are taken back by the location and appearance of the building. Not surprised that Richie would find the shadiest place to rent out for Kathy. Rosie comes by as well and explains her talk with Teresa to the ladies and tells them about the retreat inviting them to come. Jacqueline isn’t down for it and insists she does not want to be in drama. I’m taken back by this considering she’s on a show surrounded by drama!

Joe Gorga and Richard Wakile are out golfing and I’m confused. Why do the men continue to get scenes? I thought this show was called, ‘The Real HouseWIVES.” Teresa then calls Joe as he’s golfing with Richie to invite him to the retreat because she wants to work on their relationship. Joe is being an ass hole as usual on the phone. I’m sorry but if I was Teresa and my brother said the things he did at a public gym and didn’t apologize. He would never receive a call from me..ever! Joe says he will get back to Teresa about the retreat pointing out that he has to speak to his “other half” about it. Really, Joe? Grow some balls. Joe then says in his interview, “when I’m fUsterated with my sister, I usually have sex with my wife.” I’m so sickened by this comment. It’s sad that we continue to see Teresa reach out to Joe while he has yet to genuinely reach out to her.

Melissa Gorga is having lunch with her two “best friends” who she says she barely gets to see because she’s married and has kids now. Melissa is telling them about her book and how she has the perfect marriage. Her friends don’t seem to be interested and are actually rolling their eyes. Melissa then laughs as her friends say Teresa is jealous of her and Melissa points out how Teresa congratulated her about her book. Melissa is annoyed that Teresa is congratulating her which doesn’t make sense. If Teresa didn’t congratulate her, Melissa would be pissed and run to her husband complaining that Teresa didn’t congratulate her. Teresa will never win. She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t! Melissa then says she hopes Teresa reads her book because she needs the advice. Another burn and I am even more disgusted with Melissa then I was before. (Didn’t think that was possible)

Kathy and Jacqueline are shopping when Teresa calls Kathy to invite her to this retreat. Kathy puts the phone on speaker allowing Jacqueline to hear everything. Kathy brings up Jac’s name knowing Teresa will probably have stuff to say since they hate each other. Teresa blames Jacqueline for a lot of things specifically accusing her of being the one who set up Melissa at the Posche Fashion Show. That’s when Jac grabs Teresa’s phone and does what she does best..act crazy. Jac claims she is over Teresa but it’s obvious watching the scene that she is not and I think Kathy was beginning to sense that. Still, Kathy should have known better than to have her phone on speaker.

Teresa is out for dinner with Kim D, Penny, Jennifer and Melissa’s supposed best friend Jan! This was jaw dropping to watch only because we just saw how Melissa said Jan walked in her wedding. Jan reveals that she is not close with Melissa because Melissa changed and accuses Melissa of cheating on Joe! Teresa says nothing and says that she doesn’t want to be involved. If I heard my brother’s wife was cheating on him from her own best friend, I’m going to ask all the questions in the world but Teresa didn’t.

Albert and Caroline are out for dinner and well, it’s just sad to watch. It’s actually kind of hard to believe they are still together. Albert is very cold towards Caroline and she just kind of takes it. Caroline tries to explain to Albert that she rented an apartment to help their marriage and so they have somewhere to get away but Albert calls her out and mentions how the apartment has a room for Lauren. The whole apartment thing doesn’t make much sense and I understand why Albert is questioning his wife. Still, he was being an ass hole and it was awkward at times. Funny that people thought only Joe Giudice was an ass hole!

Jennifer who is Teresa’s friend asks Melissa to meet up for some lunch. Jennifer and Melissa aren’t friends and Melissa doesn’t care too much for Jennifer because Jennifer said her house would not sell which by the way, it hasn’t. Jennifer decides to meet with Melissa to tell her about the dinner she had with Kim D, Teresa, Penny, and Melissa’s apparent best friend Jan. Jennifer tells her and Melissa is shocked. Melissa finds out that Jan said she was cheating on Joe and some how blames Teresa for it questioning why Teresa wasn’t defending her. Really, Melissa? What do you want her to do? You both don’t even like each other and you laughed as your “friends” called her jealous! I’m starting to get sick of Melissa playing a victim and don’t really know why Jennifer reported what happened back to Melissa when they aren’t even friends!

Melissa and Joe Gorga later meet up with the gang at a restaurant when Melissa tells everyone what Jennifer told her. Jacqueline starts bashing Teresa as usual and Kim D so happens to be at the same place that they are at so Richie invites her over. It’s obvious Kim D is in the middle of all the drama yet everyone continues to be nice to her which doesn’t really make any sense? Melissa continues to play the victim to everyone and proves to Kim D that her marriage is just fine by kissing Joe and showing some PDA. Just because you show off some PDA does not mean you aren’t’ cheating on your husband? That proves absolutely nothing. The sad thing is Joe automatically blames it on Teresa Giudice saying his sister put Kim D up to this. Kim D is over it and leaves and Melissa tries to show that she has the perfect marriage by kissing her hubby in front of everyone, again. Melissa wants everyone to know that she has the perfect marriage because she’s a slut in bed and does whatever Joe says. I think it’s sickening and embarrassing that Melissa is making a book out of telling people that being a slut with your husband can make a successful marriage. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take Brandi Glanville for example. She wrote in her book that she did everything to please her man including bringing other people while they have sex and he still left and cheated on her! Melissa sounds like a moron and I’m afraid to see what her children will think of her when they watch this.

Jennifer meets up with Teresa to inform Teresa that she did go back and tell Melissa everything that was said at the dinner. Teresa is obviously taken back and Jennifer explains that she is looking out for herself and wants the listing in Melissa’s home. What I found funny was why would Jennifer want the listing when she bashed the home? I think Jennifer just wanted some air time and that is why she went back to Melissa who again, she is not friends with.

Next weeks episode looks even more intense as Joe Gorga attacks Joe Giudice after Giudice demands he apologize to his sister for calling her scum….thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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