Alexis Bellino Slams Gretchen Rossi! Says Her “Pity Party Didn’t Work!”


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My oh my how things have changed! Alexis Bellino took to her blog to discuss what happened on Monday’s past episode slamming Gretchen Rossi and calling her out for being a hypocrite regarding Alexis being invited to Tamra’s dress day. Alexis says that despite what Gretchen wanted, “her pity party didn’t work.”

“HAPPY 100th episode to us! Don’t we look good for 100? All that botox pays off! LOL. I loved seeing all the old episodes, all the innocence, bad hairstyles (and GOOD!), and youthful skin! I can’t wait to see what the next 100 have in store. Every year that I have been a part of this journey I thought would be the last year, but RHOC is like an endless clock; it keeps on tickin’. My involvement has encompassed every feeling possible, and I am truly grateful for the experience, memories, and growth that this show has given me.

Now, on to this week’s episode. . .

I felt for Tamra when she and Eddie were discussing the aggravation of being behind schedule on their gym. That is always the way it goes. Whether you are starting a new business or building a home, the project takes three months longer than expected and always winds up costing thousands more.

I was impressed and happy that Tamra stood up to Gretchen about inviting me dress shopping. After all — it is TAMRA’S day, period.

Tamra and I were fairly new “friends” at the point and time she invited me to go dress shopping with her, and, unfortunately, Jim and I had another engagement that evening. However, I was not going to miss sharing this special day with her. The only way I could attend is if I drove myself, so I missed the limo ride with everyone. When Gretchen got in the limo and said she and I aren’t really getting along right now I flashed back to her hugging me goodbye at the salsa party. What the heck was that? She seems so confused. . .about life. I don’t like or dislike her, I am simply indifferent. I can be in the same room with her, and she does not effect me. I want sincere, real, loyal people in my inner circle, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be cordial to everyone in the group.

When Gretchen brought up that the last time Tamra and I were at an event together it became a total disaster, it makes me remember times that Tamra and Gretchen were the ones arguing. But things change, and they are friends now, so it didn’t sem too far-fetched that maybe the same could be happening with Tamra and I. When Vicki pulled me aside and said that Gretchen said she wasn’t going to come if I attended, I got a little angry inside. But there is a time and a place to act on it. This day was about Tamra, and bottom line, Tamra chose to invite me in the end. . .so Gretchen’s little pity party didn’t work. That was enough for me.

Tamra looked SO beautiful in every single gown. OH MY! There is something so elegant, sweet and innocent about seeing a woman in a wedding gown. The fourth dress she tried on was my favorite, although the one she chose for her wedding was absolutely stunning!

When I was leaving, I wanted to pull Tamra aside and thank her for choosing to invite me. It showed me she truly was trying to move forward with our friendship. She had the added stress of being given an ultimatum, and she chose me. HUGE!

When I leave and the dress shopping turns to Lauri delivering news to Vicki about Brooks, I feel it was the worst timing. I was sad for Vicki then. Whether it was true or a rumor, that was the wrong time and place to hear it. Vicki needed to hear the information; I just wish Lauri had asked Vicki to coffee and done it alone.

I can’t wait for the upcoming episodes because we all take a fabulous trip that holds many fun moments! I hope you are enjoying your summer. I am wearing my kids out with camps and swimming. . .and of course jumping!”

What do you think Gretchen’s deal with Alexis is? Do you think Gretchen is different this season? Who’s side are you on?

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