Kim D Says She Absolutely Does Not Have It Out For Melissa Gorga Plus Calls Out Joe Gorga!


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Kim D didn’t appear on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an opinion about what went on. Kim took to her Facebook to explain that she absolutely does not have it out for Melissa and calls out Joe Gorga for treating Teresa so disrespectfully!

Kim wrote,

“Hi Dolls! I have not forgotten about my blog! I was not on last week’s episode, nor this week’s, so I figured I would just combine my thoughts on the two into one blog tonight! Here it goes:

First of all, I loved the scene with Teresa and her mother-in-law getting pedicures, and in her Kings of Cole lime cashmere sweater and leggings from Posche nonetheless! I am ordering a pair for Mrs. Giudice since she loved them so much!

As I previously stated after some turmoil, Joe Gorga and I are fine with each other now. With that said, in the past when he has gotten into fights whether it be with Teresa or myself, he tends to become aggressive. In episode 4, Joe tells T that he would never speak to Melissa in a derogatory manner because he wants to teach his sons that wives should be treated with respect. But what about a sister? Wouldn’t he want his sons to treat their sister with that same respect with which they would treat their wives? I won’t linger on this because like I said we have mended fences, but those were just my feelings after viewing the final scene in that episode. And for the record, I have been to Teresa’s house for Thanksgiving, as well as many other times, and watched her cook! And my assistant has even gone to her shore house, where she saw T cook a huge Sunday dinner for not only the family, but many friends as well! Her food is fabulous! I mean Fabulicious

Not too much else for me to say on this one, so I’ll move onto last night:

I was laughing hysterically at Milania playing soccer! She cracks me up every time I see her. Was just priceless when she walked in and called everyone “lazy bums”! Just too cute for words! And didn’t Teresa looked gorgeous in her Alice + Olivia midnight blue fox trim sweater coat from Posche?! Only she could rock an outfit like that and still look glamourous kicking a soccer ball!

I have to say I am really getting a kick out of Richie’s one liners this season. However, I found his comment referring to how he “married a housewife, not an entrepreneur” to be slightly offensive. I believe all women should be independent in today’s world. You can own a business and still be a housewife. Who says you have to choose one over the other? I think it’s great Kathy wants to start her own career and I wish her much success with it!

In the final scene, Rosie and Teresa really went at it. Their emotions ran rampant and you could truly see the hurt and anger in both of their eyes. I was relieved in the end that they were able to hug it out, and T left with her tongue in tact!! And another Posche look spotted! One of our favorite pieces also from Alice + Olivia was that beautiful cropped bow jacket on Teresa while they are sitting at the table. It will be available in the fall, with the bow done in leather!

Last, but not least, the coming attractions: As you can see I’m back! You will see the first confrontation that I have with the Gorgas since the reunion, filmed at one of our favorite restaurant’s in the area, Portobello’s. And to address the realtor’s comment (and no I am still not going to use her name) to Melissa about myself having “it in for” her…I absolutely do not have it out for Melissa. Won’t give away anything more, so watch and see! Should be a good one!


Interesting! Kim made a great point regarding Joe Gorga constantly being disrespectful to his sister but pointing out you should always respect your wife. Do you think Kim has it out for Melissa despite what she says?

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