Foreclosure Deal: Jacqueline & Chris Laurita Successfully Dodge Bank Foreclosure

ChrisJacLaurita Jacqueline & Chris Laurita are not going to be homeless! The Real Housewives of New Jersey vets missed a mortgage payment in February 2012, and per their loan deal, one missed payment meant the bank could take their house away. Jacqueline denied their house being in foreclosure proceedings when that news broke out, but that was because the deal with the bank had already happened. She did not address that she HAD been in danger of losing her house prior to that. TMZ reports, “Jacqueline managed to strike a deal with the bank outside of court, and in return Hudson City Savings dropped the suit. The case was dismissed on April 17.” Congratulations on not losing your mansion! No word on if that tax lien is taken care of yet. Also, I wonder if Jacqueline will address almost being homeless on season five? Imagine if Teresa approached her and said ‘I am worried for you! I am reading all these things about your house being taken away by the bank!’ LOL. But of course they would never. Thoughts on this story?

Yes, Jacqueline and Chris Laurita were at risk of losing their house due to a missed mortgage payment in February 2012.

Yes, Jacqueline was able to strike a deal with the bank outside of court, resulting in the bank dropping the suit against them. The case was dismissed on April 17.

It is unclear whether Jacqueline will address her near-homelessness on the show. However, it would be interesting to see if Teresa brings up the topic and expresses concern about the rumors surrounding Jacqueline’s house being taken away by the bank.

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