RHONJ Recap: Caroline Manzo And Teresa Giudice Come Face To Face!


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Honestly, what would be the Real Housewives of New Jersey without Milania? She makes the show so much better. From her facial expressions to the hilarious things she says, she definitely steals the spotlight! It was even great that she opened Sunday’s episode! RHONJ began with Teresa’s girls making their grandfather a get well card since he’s been in the hospital. Milania and Gia are bickering and the beautiful but silent Gabriella advises them to stop arguing. Teresa then tells the girls that if their grandfather was at their home he would be yelling at them for arguing in which Milania replies that her Grandpa would never yell at her because he’s a “nice fellow.” LOL. Milania says the craziest things!

Back at Melissa’s home, she and Joe are having people come check out there mansion that’s been on the market. Melissa and Joe yet again claim that they moved into the mansion to be closer to Joe’s sister and now say that they are leaving because they don’t want to see Teresa. Melissa adds that she really is moving because of Teresa’s children. Imagine what Teresa’s children are going to think when they see that their Aunt and Uncle are leaving all because of them? What I don’t understand is why Melissa would sell her “dream home” when her husband even built a studio down for her and when she has yet to run into Teresa for a whole year? Just because they live 5 minutes away from each other does not mean they will run into each other. AND Antonia doesn’t even go to the same school as them now! But Melissa continues to stick to that story.

Caroline and Albert are hanging out in the kitchen with Lauren who is in a bit of a “funk” according to Albert. Surprised? Me neither. Caroline tells Albert that she is going to shoot out a text to Teresa and he can seem to really care less. Caroline reveals that her sister has been living at Caroline’s home with her dog for a couple of months and oddly enough, Albert Manzo is now finding out about this dog being there. Something smells fishy…How has he not realized a dog has been living in his home for the past two months?

Moving right along, Kathy and Richie are in the car with their son Joseph as he practices his driving before he gets his license. Richie continues to make unnecessary jokes that no one is really laughing at while Joseph asks for a ferrari for his first car and I couldn’t help but giggle. I mean Richie is probably having trouble paying for that Mercedes that there all in and Josephs asking for a ferrari? Uh. Maybe in another life.

Jacqueline Laurita has been opening up about Nicolas autism and has agreed to publicly speak out about it which is quite admiring. My heart breaks for both Chris and Jacqueline but they seem like they are doing everything they could for Nicolas.

We are finally introduced to Teresa Giudice’s friend Jennifer Dalton. So far, I like Jennifer. She seems fresh and it’s nice to see a new face. Jennifer is a real estate agent with high end clients bringing them over to Melissa’s house to show them her mansion. Melissa and Jennifer meet and Melissa says she isn’t holding the fact that Jennifer is Teresa’s friend against her. Jennifer checks out the home with her clients and finds a broken sink. Jennifer sits down with Melissa and Joe and bluntly tell them that their 10,000 square feet home is priced just way too high. (Fun fact: Melissa Gorga stated that her house was over 15,000 square feet when the show first aired and her real estate agent stated on Sunday’s episode that it was under 10,000 square feet.) Jennifer says that if Melissa and Joe are selling their home for 3.8 million dollars that they should at least have a pool! Ain’t that the truth! Joe Gorga calls BS on Jennifer but Jennifer was obviously right about the home being over priced because it’s still on the market! And since Teresa and Melissa are on better terms now I think it’s safe to say that they shouldn’t be selling there home anymore. Right?

Lauren is doing Caroline’s make up as she gets ready to meet with Teresa. Lauren continues to slam Teresa, this time, by talking about her parenting skills saying Teresa’s children were raised by wolves and that she would understand why Melissa wouldn’t want her kids around Teresa’s. I think Lauren should be the last person to talk about this matter because so many could say they wouldn’t want their kids around Lauren because she just brings a negative energy? Just saying. And how exactly was Miss. Ashlee Holmes raised? I think Lauren should watch what she says because she obviously thinks Teresa hasn’t done a good job of raising her children and Gia can clearly see this and I’m sure it hurts her.

Kathy and Richie visit Victoria at her college and it’s just another snooze fest. Why must Bravo continue torturing us by filming these unnecessary things? I can finally say that I agree with Kathy Wakile on one thing and that is that Richie is super annoying.

Caroline Manzo and Teresa finally come face to face. Caroline reveals that she talked to Joe and he told her to meet with Teresa. The two start things off weird just because Caroline really has no room to talk about anything since 1. It’s not her business and 2. She doesn’t speak to her own sister who she was extremely close with. Still Caroline thinks her situation is just different from Teresa’s. Caroline says that Teresa shouldn’t be friends with Kim D because Kim D hurt her brother and Teresa makes a great point by saying that Joe Gorga shouldn’t be friends with Jacqueline because Jacqueline has hurt and bashed her. Caroline gets upset by this and says that Jacqueline has been so loyal to Teresa. Really, Caroline? Let’s rewind. Jacqueline was the one who went on a twitter rant blasting Teresa and revealing all her secrets because she was upset with her? She was also the one who told everyone Joe Giudice cheated on Teresa and wished Teresa would go to jail. If that’s what Caroline thinks is loyal then I’m worried for her. The two leave on better terms which is improvement on their relationship.

Back at Jacquelines home, she and Chris have invited everyone over including Rosie. Why? I’ll never know. I didn’t care too much for this episode but what I did love was Chris teaching Nicolas to say ‘I love you’ to Jacqueline and surprising Jacqueline with it. I think it was one of the best moments on RHONJ. While this week’s episode was rather emotional, next week’s episode seems to be a lot more drama filled with Melissa and Teresa fighting in front of the kids. Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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