RHOC Recap: Drama Unfolds as Heather Shoots a Sitcom and Lauri Returns to OC!

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 10.27.23 PM This week on Real Housewives of Orange County, we got a little treat in the form of a RHOC Recap former Housewife and got to see Heather go back to work! Heather was offered a role on an episode of Hot In Cleveland, and she could not be more thrilled about it. The other women support her as they tread along this season with each other, minus one lady who is still ostracized. Lydia’s mother comes back for more! The quirky lady seems to have picked up pot-smoking again. How much more of this will get shoved down our throats? We get it. Lydia doesn’t like her mom’s pot smoking. Judy is quite the character and I’m sure there is more to her than her love for weed! Tamra goes ring shopping with Lauri Waring, who has not been on the show in a few seasons. Tamra feels that she needs to grab the reigns for this wedding to Eddie if it’s going to happen, because he seems to not have a care in the world! Lauri clearly has animosity towards Vicki, and tries to influence Tamra into thinking Vicki may have destroyed her marriage with Simon. Drama is sure to follow! Heather attends the round table reading for her Hot In Cleveland script. Everything goes well for her and the cast seems to like her! Betty White even makes her Real Housewives debut! Back at home the kids are with the nanny Eva. Terry gets home and helps them with their homework and tends to them. He reflects on how his parenting style is completely different from prim and proper Heather’s. Meanwhile Alexis got the acting bug after appearing on General Hospital as a news anchor. Remember her other failed job?! She meets with acting coaches and she has totally the wrong idea of what acting is. She does the typical Housewife spiel about how the kids are in school so now she needs something to do and I guess Alexis can’t open a boutique so she is an actress now. Gretchen and Slade are in San Diego for Gretchen’s birthday when at the valet check out, a Rolls Royce with a pink bow shows up – a present for Gretchen! Gretchen asks if they became rich all of a sudden, but it’s a leased Rolls because it was only a couple hundred more than her current Mercedes, according to Slade. So let me get this straight, Slade couldn’t pay child support last year and now after a few months of hosting some radio gig he can afford Rolls Royce leases? While in the car, Gretchen goes off about how this better not affect their finances! Honestly, though, it was probably just a fake scene to plug Gretchen’s partnership to design a Rolls Royce. More about that here. Lydia and Doug (who are just so pretty together) pick up Tamra and Eddie in a limo and head to LA for Heather’s taping. They join Terry and Vicki on set. Gretchen and Slade arrive late and clearly their priority is not to support Heather. They keep texting and leaving to use the phone which clearly irks Tamra! Is this the beginning of their rift? Alexis, once again, does not join the rest of the group and goes to acting class instead. Alexis calls herself a “natural” and that she has a passion for acting. Excuse me?! An interest in acting does not a passion make. Heather is very happy with her first acting gig since going on a “mommy break”. She enjoys being more of a “complete” person now that she has dabbled back into working mode. Everyone heads to a celebratory dinner after where Gretchen tells everyone she now owns a Rolls Royce. Except it’s leased? Tamra is having a hard time taking this all in! Lydia asks how Tamra and Vicki are doing since Malibu. Tamra apologizes to Vicki for calling her a bitch in Malibu and the two fight like siblings. These two are truly bonded forever and should just accept that they love each other and are sisters because they fight like it, and love each other like it. The girls get ove it over wine, but Tamra still wishes she had pre-Brooks Vicki! Gretchen shows little hints of jealousy now that Vicki and Tamra are starting to patch up their torn friendship too. Interesting…I want to see where this heads in future episodes! Terry makes the most adorable toast in honor of his wife and I am glad their bickering has ceased for a minute. Overall everyone has a great episode with no drama! Next week, Gretchen does the fertility thing for the cameras and Brooks comes back to rehash Vicki’s storyline. Tamra also opens up about her dark past, which may shed light into why she is the way she is today. Let’s discuss!

Heather, a former Housewife, is returning to Real Housewives of Orange County in this episode.

Tamra goes ring shopping with Lauri Waring and feels the need to take charge of her wedding to Eddie. Lauri tries to influence Tamra into thinking Vicki may have destroyed her marriage with Simon.

 Heather attends the round table reading for her Hot In Cleveland script and everything goes well. The cast seems to like her, and even Betty White makes her Real Housewives debut.

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