Divorce: Bethenny Frankel’s Surprising Amicable Split

Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has rarely spoken out about her divorce but is now telling People that she is surprised her divorce to Jason Hoppy isn’t amicable! When news broke out about the divorce Bethenny released a statement saying that she hoped she and Jason would amicably co-parent their only daughter. Bethenny now says,
“I really did think it [the divorce] would be amicable. I absolutely did.I wrote that entire statement myself. And every single word, I believed to be true. Someone said to me recently, ‘We see what we want to see.’ And I guess, at the time, that’s what I did. The truth of the matter is, you go with your gut at the time. Whatever I’m going through now, I’m certain that I’ll learn something from it. When the clouds pass, I will figure out what the silver lining was.”
I don’t get it. Did Bethenny really think everything would be amicable if she asked for custody not allowing Jason to have joint? Of course things wouldn’t work out! Bethenny should be happy that her daughter has a father who will fight to be in her life. You can’t say that about a lot of men after being in a failed marriage! Thoughts on what Bethenny had to say?

 Bethenny Frankel expressed her surprise that her divorce with Jason Hoppy is not amicable. She had initially hoped for a peaceful co-parenting relationship with him for the sake of their daughter. However, she now admits that she had believed in the possibility of an amicable divorce at the time.

 Yes, Bethenny Frankel genuinely believed that her divorce from Jason Hoppy would be amicable. She even wrote a statement expressing her hopes for a peaceful co-parenting arrangement. However, she now realizes that her expectations were not met, and she acknowledges that sometimes people see what they want to see in certain situations.

 Bethenny Frankel is surprised about the lack of amicability in her divorce because she had genuinely believed in the possibility of a peaceful separation. She had hoped that both she and Jason would prioritize their daughter’s well-being and work together as co-parents. However, the reality turned out differently, and Bethenny now reflects on the situation, hoping to learn from it and find a silver lining once the clouds pass.

Yes, according to exclusive reports from Starcasm, Taylor Armstrong’s role on the show has been downgraded to “friend of the Housewives” for the fourth season.

Being a “friend” on the show means that the person only films at events with the main cast members. Their personal life at home with their family is not shown, similar to how it was for Camille in season three, and Brandi and Dana in season two.

It is unclear why Taylor’s role has been reduced, but it is possible that her relationship with John Bluher did not generate enough interest from the producers.

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