Heather Dubrow Denies Marriage Trouble! Says Viewers Are Seeing ‘Ebbs And Flows’


This season on Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow has been shown a little more as a “wife.” So far we have seen a lot of bickering between her and Dr. Terry Dubrow! Viewers have made comparisons to Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif on RHOBH, which is clearly not a good sign, but Heather is slamming these notions and tells viewers that these are real “ebbs and flows” of married life!

This week the frustration continued as Heather and Terry prepared for a service at the temple. Terry is not the most helpful with the “mommy duties” as he calls them, and Heather got ticked off, but she is explaining her side in her Bravo blog this week:

Our family on Yom Kippur…I love watching the kids. They are so cute — and look so young! Even from a few months ago!!! (Junk in the trunk. Ha!) I do want Terry to be home more for family dinners and put us first. He is a great father and husband. I just want him to always put family first, as I do.

Mommy jobs ?!?!! Don’t even get me started with that one. For all of you out there that think “bringing home the bacon” is enough: it’s not. I used to be an equal financial contributor before I had our kids. I work VERY hard (as all stay at home moms do). It should be treated as an important job in the family.

Temple…Terry doesn’t understand the day to day handling of the kids. Me suggesting leaving an extra parking space between the cars to unload the kids is standard fare when you are the primary caregiver. It’s just easier.

Collette — oh yes, we have THAT child. Cutest thing ever! Love that baby fiercely! However she can try a saint’s patience sometimes! I asked Terry to take her to the back for a few minutes so she could calm down, and he immediately sends her back to me. So I have to stand in the back and miss the service when Terry knows its really important to me to be there.

I get upset when I see some comments that I talk down to my husband, or that our relationship is in trouble. You want me to be phony? This is real life. Tell me you are never annoyed with your spouse. Should I gloss over truth? Suck it up? Pretend it’s all OK? This is reality. We all have ebbs and flows in our relationships. Terry and I have been together over 16 years and we are solid. These are normal day-to-day moments in a long relationship.

I think Heather’s storyline is clearly shaping up to be her struggle being the “stay-at-home mom” while gradually stepping back into “working mom” mode, therefore the editing is setting us up for that by showing the frustration she is facing with Terry.

Do you think their marriage is actually in trouble?

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