RHOA Reunion Recap: NeNe Reveals Why She And Phaedra Don’t Get Along; Kim Returns To Clear The Air!


Part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season five reunion was probably my favorite! Kim returned and as much as I could not stand her this season, it made me realize how much of a force she was for this franchise. I hope she comes back next season, actually. I am curious about her and NeNe. Also, Kenya was quiet for the majority of the second part which was joyful.

The first spicy topic starts with talk of Nene and Gregg’s relationship. NeNe reveals once she rose to fame, Gregg couldn’t handle her success, their problems magnified, and they divorced. NeNe wishes she would have worked through this initially, like they did this season instead of divorcing right off the bat. NeNe also says her cast mates had a part in adding to the negativity, especially Phaedra.

NeNe adds that Phaedra wanted Marlo to come on the show to clash with her over their common denominator – Charles, their ex. Phaedra denies and says she didn’t even know about this until after Marlo was cast. They continue on to talk about how NeNe would flirt with Peter, and it’s pointless. Cue Kenya’s fan as she tries to insert herself into something that has NOTHING to do with her.

The next segment is dedicated to Phaedra playing lawyer, and client, all season! Butt-dial gate comes up, Phaedra’s motives for befriending Porsha come up, the divorce rumors come up, and Phaedra is painted as shady. NeNe says Phaedra has done some shady stuff. She accuses her of filming with her half sisters, whom she hadn’t seen in eight years, to dig up dirt, but they ended up telling NeNe.

NeNe tells Phaedra that you can never win when you’re dirty, hunny! NeNe insists that Phaedra, Kim, and Sheree were out to get her by filming with her sisters. Phaedra continues to deny that she was out to hurt her. This is very shady on Phaedra’s part, but I think it’s just reality TV bullsh*t. At least now we know why Phaedra and NeNe have always had animosity but the viewers didn’t really know why!

And then enters Kim Zolciak! Without her wig. I kind of miss the signature big wig, but Kim looks great. They get right into the brunch where Kim infamously stormed out of RHOA. Kandi’s lawsuit was also filed earlier that day, which makes things a little more tense!

Kim begins denying that she confirmed Anguilla dates. The girls deny this, saying that Kim had set dates she could travel with the group and production. The girls felt Kim had too many excuses but she claims she was just busy with her move and family. All the ladies understand family is first but they all have a family and still fulfill their commitment.

Next, Andy asks Kim about the comments she made about Kandi’s house. Kandi reveals her comments were uncalled for and offensive. Kim denies being racist, and says she did not mean to insult Kandi’s house.Actually, Kim did mean to insult otherwise why would she talk about it being in a bad neighborhood and what not!?

Next, she denies copying Kandi’s baby name idea – Kash. Kandi says she was pissed about it and feels that Kim took the idea from her. Kim denies stealing it, showing proof of using that name in an LLC long before the show started filming season five. Who cares! Kandi is not even pregnant, and she can still use the name. They’re close friends anymore or family.

Andy then asks NeNe and Kim if they can ever be friends again. They both agree that they have a genuine mutual understanding because they were both friends before the show. Even though they are not friends right now, and are in different places in their lives, they agree that they can be cordial and then hug it out!

Let’s discuss part two of the reunion now! Tell me what you thought. I actually liked Kim and I think she redeemed herself after not her best season. Do you think Phaedra was malicious in linking up with NeNe’s half siblings?

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