AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Joanna Krupa Talks New Season Of RHOM And Admits She’s Still Very Hurt With Adriana!


AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to speak with the beautiful Joanna Krupa this past weekend at Lea Black’s 2013 Miami Gala and Joanna opened up about her relationship with Romain and the difficulties he and Marta had. Joanna reveals that people are trying to get in her business and admits she still is very much hurt with Adriana!

AllAboutTRH: Has your relationship with Romain become more stable compared to last season?
Joanna Krupa: It definitely has. This season there are still some people that are trying to get in the way of our relationship but I’m not allowing anyone to destroy our relationship.

Romain recently tweeted that Marta was one of the people trying to destroy your relationship. Is everything better now?
Marta and Romain are like brother and sister so they were just going through something little. Everything is okay. We both love Marta and everything is good when it comes to that. It’s other people that are trying to get in our business.

So is Marta being more supportive with your engagement?
Well she actually is very much in love. She moved out to Pennsylvania so I haven’t seen as much of her as I would love too. I hope she’s going to help a little bit out with the wedding because I haven’t seen her as much so will see.

Will the ladies be invited to the wedding?
Of course! All of them will be invited minus one!

Is that person Adriana?
You’ll have to watch and see!

How are things with Adriana now?
When I first started the Real Housewives of Miami, Adriana was right off the bat very mean to me. She was slandering my name and it’s like I don’t get over that. I’ve worked very hard on everything I have and I never relayed on anyone so I didn’t appreciate her to try and belittle me and put me down, it’s disgusting and it’s something I just can’t get over. I will never trust her. We started talking again and will see what happens in the course of the season but I’m very hurt and hurt with what she’s done to me. I’ve never done anything wrong to her. I’m a good person and I’m very close with many people and if you backstab me it’s a different story.


Who do you think is in the wrong? Joanna or Adriana? Should the two just move on? Who do you think is trying to get in the way of Joanna’s relationship?

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