Mob Wives Recap: Love Goes After Carla And Looks Like A Damn Fool!


Mob Wives season finale begins lightly with Drita Davanzo getting all ready for Lee to come back home once he leaves the halfway house. Drita is worried because she know’s they’ve been through so much drama but she loves Lee enough to let them try and work on the relationship once again. I think this is a good idea and actually believe things will be different this time around! The ladies then get together for Drita’s 80’s themed birthday party! Love broke her hand and wasn’t expected to show but surprisingly shocked everyone when she attended. Oh and why did Love break her hand? Because she punched a steel beam when she was angry and thought it was smarter then to do it to someone.

The cast was hoping that Love would hopefully leave Carla alone but we all knew watching that her leaving Carla alone would be very unlikely and we were correct! I mean it’s Love who has been bashing Carla all season long every chance she gets! Karen thought it would be a good idea for both Love and Carla to have a sit down together. Why would that ever be a good idea? Especially at Drita’s birthday? Carla agreed and as soon as they sat down, Love attacked Carla and grabbed onto her hair. The security immediately tried to break it up while Carla was going at it everyone because she assumed she was getting set up. I don’t blame her. I would assume Karen set this whole thing up because she asked for the sit down to happen and she’s friends with Love. Surprisingly Karen is really upset because Love promised her that she was only going to talk with Carla not hit her the second they sit down. Love says the only reason she went after Carla is because Carla questioned why Karen had to be there while they sit down? Why would that even make Love freak out? I still can’t believe a grown woman acted this way? And why? Because they want to be talked about on TV for being a psycho on a reality show? It’s clear Love just wanted to fight and the consequences of that was she’s fired from the show!

Watching the episode made me upset because it did look like Carla was being set up and it’s sad that people act like this. I think Love deserved to be fired from the show after what she pulled. Thoughts on Sunday’s finale? Do you think Karen was setting up Carla? Let’s Discuss!

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