Vicki Gunvalson Stays Away From The Cast Off Camera, Believes She Will Always Have A Story For RHOC!


Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has appeared on the show for eight seasons now, making her the longest running Housewife in all of the series history! We would expect that Vicki has learned the ropes and has found ways to make being on the show simple, so how does she deal with the catty drama?

Vicki tells the Huffington Post off her approach on the eight season, “The reality is when we’re not filming, we’re not hanging out together. We’re not going on vacations together. I really had to separate my on-camera friends from my off-camera friends. That’s helped me get through the uncomfortable times.”

Good for Vicki for being upfront about the way the Housewives franchises work! I can not stand when the women refer to themselves as “friends”, aside from the actual friendships which are far and few between.

It’s also astounding that Vicki has remained on the show for eight seasons and withstood the dramatic changes Bravo has made to the way the show works. What started out as an “anthropological” show about women in a gated community is now a platform for women to hawk products via high school drama and wine throwing, but Vicki thinks she will always have a story worth telling on RHOC.

Vicki comments, “There will be a day when the curtains close or Bravo tells me they’re going with a younger crowd or that I don’t have a story anymore. I don’t believe I’ll never not have a story. I’m Vicki Gunvalson. I’m not boring. I’m always juggling 900 things at once. There’s going to be a story. The question is does Bravo want it? That’s their choice.”

Are you surprised by Vicki’s comment? Do you think her friendship with Tamra was never authentic to begin with?

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