Mob Wives Recap: Karen Meets The Other Woman; And Love Can’t Stop Mentioning Carla!


This week on Mob Wives Renee Graziano is still adamant on getting an attack dog but her son AJ thinks it’s a dumb idea considering she’s not home and the price is outrageous. I agree. $20,000 is a ridiculous amount of money and call me crazy but I don’t think Renee needs this. Renee also wants to take a self defense class. I think Renee is being paranoid. She asks AJ to take the class with her but he doesn’t want to so she takes Drita instead.

Renee, Drita and Love later meet at a bar and talk about the self-defense class they took. Renee then brings up Carla. Surprised? Me neither. Renee says she has a problem with Carla and Love says she has one with her too!

While Karen is in Arizona she meets with Dave’s girlfriend Rebecca who spends a lot of time with her daughter Karina. If Karen is so upset another women is hanging with her daughter, why doesn’t she just move her daughter back in with her and she won’t have this problem? It’s very rare that a child is kept living with her father while her mother is totally capable of taking care of her. The meeting is just all kinds of awkward. Karen initiates the conversation. Rebecca starts opening up and reveals she works in real estate and is a mother as well. Karen then tells Rebecca she is bothered that Rebecca would take Karina to the doctors. Rebecca responds that it wasn’t a big deal and it isn’t. Karen, because you chose not to take your daughter to the doctors don’t get upset when someone is willing too! Rebecca makes it clear she isn’t trying to replace Karen and be Karina’s mother. That’s when Dave mentions Karina is friends with Rebecca’s daughter and that they go to school with each other. The meeting ends up on a good note and Karen seems happy she met with Rebecca. Karen even invites them over the next day!

Karen, Ramona and Karina go for a walk. Karen asks Karina if she thinks Dave’s girlfriend is pretty. Talk about awkward. Karina responds that she is nice and sweet not like Karen. Ramona raises her eyebrows. Karina reveals that she’s heard Dave in talks to buy his own place with Rebecca and that Rebecca wants to have more kids. Karina fears this because she thinks if Dave has another child that they won’t be as close. This makes Karen get emotional because she doesn’t want her daughter to feel this way. Karen let’s Karina know that Dave will always love her. She then tells Karina she wants her to move back with her. Finally!

Love goes on a date with Fate a man she was with 7 years ago. Back at Karen’s place. Everyone comes over for a get together including Dave and Rebecca. Ramona isn’t Rebecca’s biggest fan and takes Dave aside to ask if he’s happy. He says he is. Ramona tells him that he should tell Karen when he makes a big decision and he surprisingly agrees. Dave then talks his relationship with Karen once Ramona asks. Dave says he was hoping to get back with Karen but some things just aren’t meant to happen. Ramona then grills Rebecca and says it wasn’t right of her to take Karina to the doctor. Hold up. Why is Ramona even getting involved? This has nothing to do with her and she has no right at all to talk to Rebecca. Ramona is the one who is out of line and if I was Rebecca I wouldn’t have even acknowledged her because it’s none of her business and Karen already spoke to her about this.In the end of the day, Karen respects Rebecca for coming to her get together.

Big Ang meets with Drita to go shopping and Big Ang brings up the fact that Love is constantly bringing up Carla. Drita agrees and they both think things are getting worse because Love just won’t shut up about it. They then decide that Carla needs to be told about what Love has been saying. Drita is worried for Carla because Carla doesn’t fight while Love does.

Thoughts on Sunday’s episodes? What did you think about Karen meeting the other girl? Should have Ramona stayed out of it? Let’s Discuss!

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