RHOA Recap: The Ladies Take Vegas! Is Porsha Being Controlled? Plus, Phaedra & Kenya Address The Elephant In The Room!


The Real Housewives of Atlanta proved more fun than usual this week! Kenya was throwing shade left and right in her interviews and Phaedra at the strip club was pure entertainment. The girls left LA after a few days in Hollywood and headed off to Sin City! Of course, with this group it wasn’t just all sequins and slot machines. After a strip club and some gambling, the awkward elephant in the room was finally addressed by Phaedra and Kenya, but was there any resolution?

Spill over from last episode: Kenya further exploits her cancer scare and tells Cynthia that she is not focusing on the drama from the dinner at Crustacean because she is going to focus on being cancer free by straying away from any drama. So continue filming Real Housewives…just what the Dr. ordered!

Things start off in a party van. All the ladies, minus NeNe are on their way to Vegas in this decked out van taking them through the desert into the oasis known as Las Vegas. Do you remember the last time the ladies were in a moving vehicle on a road trip? (Hint: NeNe almost choked out Kim for treating Sweetie like a slave.)

As you would imagine, some light craziness ensues with the girls playing an impersonation game and Kandi starting to talk about pushing out farts. Signs that you’ve been in a confined van for too long. It takes the girls eight hours to arrive, even though the drive from LA is no more than four hours! Needless to say, they are all in one piece.

NeNe arrives in Vegas via first class flight and I’m wondering why Bravo didn’t hook the other ladies up with a flight? I would never do the drive from LA to Vegas if I was an employed, grown adult like them! I did it in college every so often, but at their age? Hell to the no! NeNe of course arrives and she’s so tired because she works so much and is a Hollywood actress. If I hear her say this one more time… Like, you’re not the only working lady, NeNe.

The girls immediately get dolled up in their Vegas best. Cynthia brings out the fro and sequin gown and the girls are ready to hit up the strip club! Porsha gets in the car but she is not aware that the Crazy Horse is a strip club because she was tricked into thinking it was a burlesque show! The girls try to have her let her hair down and enjoy the girls trip but Porsha says she doesn’t feel comfortable going to the strip club and that Kordell wouldn’t like that, so she goes back to the hotel. Party pooper!

In the strip club, the ladies are making it rain and enjoying themselves which is nice to see for a change! Even Kenya and Phaedra aren’t letting their drama get in the way of some fun. NeNe tells the story of how she met Greg back in her stripper days and it’s cute how he “took her out of the club” back in the day! I love that she didn’t leave until he was ready to marry her. She had to keep making that money, honey.

After some talk of “Hello Kitties” and Phaedra analyzing the exquisitely “womanscaped” hoo-has, the ladies gossip about Porsha and her “controlling” husband and are worried she has no independence.

The next day the girls head out to a showgirls backstage, all access pass compliments of NeNe’s career perks! Uhhhh…sure. On the way, NeNe brings up Porsha not being free to make her own decisions while being married to Kordell. Porsha says that she enjoys being in a traditional marriage where the man runs the household and the woman is more subservient. NeNe says that Porsha needs to be more free to make her own decisions and that her husband should “complement” her instead of rule over her like a dad.

NeNe’s take on marriage is 100% what I would agree with, however, Porsha is still new to marriage. It’s alarming to me when Porsha says Kordell “let her” (as if he’s her dad and she’s 11 years old on her first outing with boys!) go “from Cali all the way to LA”, but she has been married at this point for just over a year.

Unless Kordell is going Chris Brown on her, I think the girls should just let her be and let her find her balance at her own pace. Porsha remains respectful even though the girls might have been a little too overbearing and harsh. It’s ironic, considering she is the youngest of the group. Also, as someone pointed out while I live-tweeted, none of the other ladies are exactly poster children for a perfect relationship.

The girls enjoy the backstage pass at the showgirls venue and Kenya flashes her tits. I mean I only do this when I am batsh*t crazy seeking attention. (Kidding, I don’t have boobs.) The ladies do some gambling and Kandi goes engagement ring shopping with the girls. She finds a ring that she loves. We would imagine this would be a fake shopping trip, but this is actually the ring Kandi got from Todd when he proposed on New Year’s Day this past January!

Annoyance of the episode: NeNe snarking Kandi for picking out a ring that was only $7,500. Really, NeNe? Tacky.

Back at the hotel, the girls have a night in as Kandi tests out her new Bedroom Kandi venture. It’s basically a Tupperware party but with her line of sex toys. It is interesting to see NeNe be a good sport considering she ditched last season’s finale Bedroom Kandi party because she was too high and mighty for the sex toys! Also, at the reunion she went on about how BK’s “deeldos” weren’t her thing. Also, I think we are being hinted at that Porsha might be pregnant.

Kandi passes out chocolate covered strawberries and instructs all the ladies to do their best sexy bite. Phaedra of course won, but Kenya tried to out do her with some over the top act including moany sounds. Phaedra makes a mistake and says something about Walter not enjoying that. Well, that’s a nice way to wake up the beast!

Kandi introduces a game where the girls answer a question out of a bucket that someone else in the group has written. I can see the drama brewing in the producer’s minds while they rub their hands with an evil smirk. Kenya writes a question about friends ignoring having hurt other friends and of course Phaedra happens to get that question.

Phaedra and Kenya get into it about their stupid workout video falling out. Phaedra explains that it’s a two-way street and that she is just as hurt as Kenya. Kenya says she mocked Phaedra because she attacked her character by calling her crazy. By mocking her, she was “holding up the mirror” to Phaedra to show her what crazy really looks like.

Phaedra’s like, ‘K well do you want an apology?’ and Kenya says no, because she’s already seen Phaedra for what she is. Then why the hell are we talking about this!? I can’t with this redundancy. Kenya then goes on about how Phaedra “cut her to the white meat” and I don’t even know what the hell that even means. NeNe is the voice of reason again and says that there is clearly no resolution and that these two will never be friends. THANK YOU NENE. On to the next one please.

The episode ends on that note and next week the girls head back home to Atlanta. NeNe is in NYC doing press for her acting and Kandi throws a house warming party now that her house is done. Porsha goes through some bumps in her marriage and is crying about something regarding a nanny. NFL wife problems. Oh, and Walter comes to an event where Kenya is also set to be! That’ll be nice.

PS – I went on a GIF overload, but I think RHOA is stalling as a season, so I felt like spicing up the recap. Enjoy! (Thanks to RealityTVGIFS.com!)

Let’s discuss the episode! Do you think the girls were too hard on Porsha? Should she seek more independence in her marriage?

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