RHOA Recap: Cynthia’s Career In Pageants Gets Off To A Rough Start


Last week on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia fired Porsha from working on her Miss Renaissance pageant. Porsha was supposed to lend her non-profit’s name to the pageant to attract participants and then a portion of the proceeds would be donated. Cynthia felt that Porsha was not pulling her weight so she cut her off! Sounds like drama. But the ladies kept it cool and didn’t come to blows.

This week, Kenya brings a potential student to the Bailey Agency. A few months ago she was being disrespectful at Cynthia’s JET model casting and now she is referring clients! Kenya and Cynthia are now friendly, and Kenya offers to be a judge in the pageant. Cynthia is skeptical because of the previous incident but she lets Kenya come on board as a judge as long as Kenya is on her best behavior.

The day of the pageant, Cynthia picks up her co-host, Boris, who is dressed as if he is just going to the mall. Cynthia freaks out because he’s not even in a suit. Uh oh…things don’t look good already for Ms. Bailey.

All of Cynthia’s pageant girls start strutting down the cat walk and names start to get mixed up, microphones don’t work, and Cynthia literally calls an intermission when the teen girls still haven’t walked yet. Mess. I coordinated events with more organization and flow in college! And Cynthia had professionals helping. Hmmm, maybe Porsha’s added help may have helped things run a little more smooth?!

After the intermission, it’s formal wear time and things turn around for the better – until votes have to be counted and Cynthia has her audience sitting there doing nothing.

In the end, Cynthia did a decent job with her pageant. It could have been a lot better given all the help she had, but it was her first time so she gets a free pass. It was nice to see the young lady who won be so happy, and all the other girls do something to empower them. Now onto what the other ladies were up to this week:

Porsha: Kordell wants Porsha to be home more often because she’s been spending a lot of time working on her charity. He wants Porsha to be at home more often, but Porsha thinks she can be a family woman and also have work. Porsha tries to show Kordell that she can take on a small child so she “borrows” her niece to see how she does.

Needless to say, Porsha struggles with baby Jayden and realizes that children are quite the handful!

Phaedra: Phaedra hosts a couples dinner with Chef Roble who is preparing aphrodisiac foods for Phaedra and Apollo who are having Kandi and Todd over. Kandi reveals that the girls will be taking a trip to LA to see how NeNe is doing and then they will head out to Vegas for some girl time!

Kandi: After deciding to venture off in a new direction, Kandi finally finishes her gospel record, “Stay Prayed Up”. Titus, Kandi’s estranged father showed up to the studio! Kandi reveals she was never very close to her dad growing up but now she is getting closer to him which is lovely to see.

NeNe: NeNe is back in Atlanta for a few days and Cynthia tells her about Kenya being a judge in her pageant. NeNe doesn’t think it’s a good idea!

I choose to ignore this entire scene because it’s too blatantly clear that it was scripted and staged just to get NeNe some camera time while she was not filming in Atlanta. NeNe did not have that new hair style until after the season wrapped! The Renaissance pageant was in September, and NeNe still had that straight, side-swept hair piece back then. Trust me, I did my research. Sure enough, next week NeNe has her old hair back. Re-watch the scene and you can sense the unnaturalness. Anyway, just an observation I wanted to point out!

Let’s discuss this week’s episode! Do you think it was odd that Peter was not present to support his wife at her first event? What was your reaction to the pageant in general?

UPDATE: My apologies! It turns out I missed Peter’s appearance last night and he was at the pageant.

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