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Mob Wives Recap: Drita Davanzo And Ramona Rizzo Make Peace!

I’m going to focus this specific recap on the fact that Drita Davanzo and Ramona Rizzo make peace! Last season, Drita and Ramona could not stand each other and it was clear these two would never be able to move forward. Now I know why you should ‘never say never!’ Thank you, Justin Bieber! Moving along..Ramona and Drita haven’t spoken but Ramona is throwing her daughter a birthday party. Drita Davanzo’s daughter and Ramona’s daughter have met and actually became friends. Ramona is contemplating whether she should invite Drita and her children to the birthday. Big Ang thinks this is a great idea. Don’t you just love Big Ang? She just wants everyone to get along!

Ramona decides to invite Drita and calls her up asking if the two will meet up before the birthday. Drita is taken back and is concerned that this may be another set up. The two ladies meet and shockingly Ramona really just wants to make peace with Drita. The two agree that if they hear anything about each other that they will come to each other and ask before going all crazy. They agree to be friends and my mouth is on the ground! Again, never thought I’d see this day coming but I think it’s great they are being mature and just moving forward despite all the drama they were in.

Drita decides to tell Carla while they are working out that she met with Lucifer AKA Ramona and Carla is shocked just like the rest of us! Carla thinks it’s better that they have peace because the drama doesn’t end with them when things are ugly. Carla thinks she should not totally trust her but just move forward and I agree! Everyone at this point is cordial but it’s probably not going to stay like that!

Carla’s husband Joe visit’s Carla and tells her he’s ready for a divorce. He compares the marriage to a business that didn’t work out which was a huge slap in the face. You could tell Carla is upset by this and who blames her? Carla later meets up with Big Ang and vents to her about the divorce and is obviously a little hurt with how things are between her and Joe.

It’s Ramona’s daughter’s birthdays and it’s extra cute and fun! Ramona did a good job. I don’t agree with Ramona on a lot but she’s definitely a good mother. Drita walks in and hugs Karen and Ramona. This is just weird. I don’t know how I feel about this either but it really is good to see everyone get along. I do wish Carla was there but I think everyone is making Carla the target this season.

The ladies are nervous about Hurricane Sandy and next episode will see exactly why!

Best Part of the Episode: Seeing Neil set things straight at the Big Ang’s bar!

Thoughts on Mondays episode. Are you surprised Ramona and Drita made peace? How do you think Joe handled asking for a divorce?

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