Lisa Hochstein Lawsuit Update

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein is suing a woman who left some defamatory comments about her being an escort and doing soft core porn on an entertainment web site, and it was a bit out of character because Lisa seems to be one to not entertain any drama! Lisa is now revealing details of why she decided to go after this particular online commenter, and it turns out it’s not just some random user on a web site, but someone she actually has had at her house before! Lisa explains to the Miami Herald that she filed this lawsuit a few months ago and has no idea why it surfaced right now. She says, “This was filed a while ago and somehow it surfaced. This isn’t something I was going to publicize. It’s not the kind of exposure I was looking to get. I do want to put out there that I get it, that I’m out there on TV and there’s gonna be anonymous bloggers and posters who will say what they want about me.” So, the reason why Lisa took legal action is because she knew this particular woman and was an acquaintance of the Hochsteins! Lisa adds, “This person is an acquaintance we’ve invited in our home and who has smiled in our faces. She had no shame in saying these horrible things. If you are going to put something that nasty, saying someone’s an escort, a porn star, that’s a big deal to me I want to have a family. The fact that she knows me and I’ve seen her in my home, well, it just sits the wrong way . I’m not going to go after every blogger and commenter out there. Trust me, I’ve been called way worse. I have thick skin as part of this whole show, but this really struck a chord. I didn’t want it to get out of hand and I’m all for freedom of speech, but when you know someone personally and act like you’re friendly with them and then go making an accusation like that, it’s a big deal. What have I done to her?” TMZ reported that Lisa sued on the grounds that this damaged her emotionally and would hurt her socially and as a viable employee. Lisa says that as she looks to expand her business, it could damage her with these false accusations out there. Lisa continues, “People are still looking to use me as brand ambassador and people who think I am a hooker, an escort . . .it’s a bad look….I don’t go patrolling for these things. I don’t take myself that seriously, but it just rubbed us the wrong way. Maybe [the lawsuit] could have been a little extreme, but at the time we felt it was something we needed to do.” Lisa explaining the situation makes much more sense. It was a bit bizarre that she would sue a random commenter on a web site, but now that we know she is someone who Lisa knew, it makes sense that she would take action.

Does Lisa Hochstein have a valid case against the woman who made defamatory comments about her?

 Lisa Hochstein decided to sue the woman because she knew her personally and had invited her into her home. The fact that this acquaintance made false accusations about Lisa being an escort and doing soft core porn deeply affected her, especially considering her desire to have a family. Lisa felt betrayed by the woman’s actions and wanted to protect her reputation and future business opportunities.

Lisa sued the woman on the grounds that the defamatory comments had caused emotional distress and could potentially harm her socially and professionally. As Lisa looks to expand her business and continue being a brand ambassador, she feared that these false accusations could damage her reputation and hinder her career prospects. The lawsuit aimed to address the harm caused by the woman’s actions. 

 No, Lisa did not take legal action against every negative commenter or blogger. She acknowledged that being in the public eye would attract anonymous individuals who would say negative things about her. However, in this particular case, the woman who made the defamatory comments was someone Lisa knew personally and had invited into her home. The fact that the woman had pretended to be friendly while making such damaging accusations struck a chord with Lisa, leading her to take legal action.

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