Housewives Leaking: Dina Manzo & Andy Cohen Discuss Press Stories

It’s really not a secret that Housewives like Dina Manzo plant stories about each other in the press. The competitiveness to be the most liked or most popular is so unreal, that some ‘Wives, including Dina Manzo, will say anything to make their “opponents” look bad in the media! Andy Cohen himself has noticed this as well, and took to Twitter to discuss Dina Manzo’s antics in his own sarcastic, funny way. Ex-Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo even agreed! She kept it cryptic though. I wonder who she was referring to? Andy first tweeted, “here’s a game – read stories abt housewives, identify which other housewives leaked the item. it’s really fun, works across franchises!!” Andy also replied to a viewer who tweeted him the story about RHONY being up in the air! Andy hinted, “@dennisdire hmmm which former housewife does it look like planted that one??” Jill Zarin shade, obviously. Dina, agreeing with Andy, then tweeted, “@BravoAndy oh I wanna play! I wanna play! works 4 ex HW’s too! but I have an unfair advantage because It’s just too damn obvious w/ mine ;)”

Who is Dina Manzo referring to when she talks about Housewives planting stories in the media?

Andy Cohen tweeted about a game where one can read stories about Housewives and identify which other Housewives leaked the information. He mentioned that it works across different franchises and can be quite fun.

Dina Manzo, a former Real Housewives of New Jersey star, agreed with Andy Cohen’s tweet. She expressed her interest in playing the game and mentioned that it also applies to ex-Housewives. Dina hinted that it is quite obvious in her case.

Yes, Andy Cohen hinted at a specific former Housewife who may have planted a story. In response to a viewer who tweeted him a story about The Real Housewives of New York (RHONY) being up in the air, Andy suggested that it looked like a former Housewife might have planted that story. He hinted at Jill Zarin, a former RHONY cast member.

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