RHOBH Recap: Adrienne And Brandi’s Legal Drama!


What would Real Housewives of Beverly Hills be without Brandi Glanville? Every episode focuses on some type of drama with Brandi Glanville! I don’t know how the girl deals with it! Monday’s episode continues off with Brandi Glanville saying goodbye to the other woman that Eddie cheated on her with. She talks to Lisa about her struggles and I can’t help but feel sorry for her situation. Can’t imagine how it would feel to go through what Brandi’s gone through.

Yolanda Hadid and Kyle Richards have there first hang out alone. It’s interesting to see the two of them together because it’s clear that Yolanda Hadid now has an agenda with Kyle Richards since she calls Kyle out on all of her Bravo blogs. Yolanda tells Kyle about a lemonade cleanse that sounds ridiculous but Yolanda does it because it’s “healthy.” Straight face! Who does any type of cleanse just because it’s healthy? Especially the type where you only drink lemons for 10 days! Kyle Richards makes a few jokes and says that she’ll go on the cleanse till she gets home which makes me L-O-L. Kyle had me cracking up!

Ken surprises Lisa with a ping swing covered in lovely roses and it was absolutely beautiful and such a sweet gender. I think it’s romantic that although Lisa and Ken have been married for so long, he still wants to surprise her and see her smile.

The ladies and some of the husbands go to a Moroccan restaurant for a hang out and each of the wives look absolutely stunning! That’s when the drama begins! Everyone is seated including Ken and Mauricio. That’s when Adrienne’s name gets brought up! Anyone surprised? Me neither! A fight occurs between Brandi and Kyle’s husband Mauricio because Mauricio thinks Brandi can just end things by giving an Adrienne a call. Mauricio believes if Brandi does this, Adrienne will drop the lawsuit. Mauricio is good friends with both Adrienne and Paul so I feel like Mauricio knows what he’s talking about but does that mean Mauricio should even get involved? Absolutely not! Lisa gets involved saying Adrienne is a hypocrite for saying “friends don’t sue friends” and adds that Adrienne is suing Brandi when Brandi has nothing. Taylor Armstrong then makes it about her and starts doing all sorts of crazy and uncomfortable things and Kim calls her out and adds that the situation is different because Taylor chose to stay with her husband despite everything. This ticks off Taylor who says she’s always had Kim’s back. Kim is very loyal to Adrienne and always has Adrienne’s back but I don’t think Kim should have said anything but I get it just because Adrienne has always had Kim’s back. Mauricio and Ken then go at it with each other and Ken obviously has Brandi’s back. Yolanda thinks it’s ridiculous that the guys are getting involved and think they should go get a beer. I agree with Yolanda here. It is quite embarrassing. Brandi has had enough and wants to walk away from the situation but Taylor awkwardly tells her that she needs to sit and not walk away from these situations saying that the single woman need to stand on their own two feet. Mauricio continues to tell Brandi he should just call Adrienne and basically if she doesn’t then to deal with it. Brandi loses it and tells Mauricio to shut the f*ck up and tells him to go f*ck yourself. Again, I don’t think Mauricio needed to get involved but I do think Brandi could have handled the situation differently. I don’t think she needed to tell Mauricio to go fu*ck himself. He’s a grown man and it is disrespectful. You can prove your point without talking like that. Brandi should have told him to mind his business and stay out of it and that’s it!

Next week’s episode Adrienne opens up about the lawsuit! Thoughts on Monday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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