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Let’s Discuss: Why Does Melissa Gorga Announce When She Turns Down A Gig?

I like Melissa Gorga to a certain capacity. I think that if she had gone on Real Housewives of New Jersey without the whole “let’s go against Teresa” premise, I would like her. I loved when she and Teresa got along for a few episodes – they were funny and entertaining in a Paris & Nicole kind of way. As we know, that didn’t last long and it’s not hard to see that there’s an agenda here for fame and also, competition.

Melissa really wants the audience to see how relevant she truly has become! Or has she? I love keeping up with reality TV stars – it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. However, they are mosly just D-listers at best. So why does Melissa feel the need to announce on Twitter every time she turns down a gig? Does it make her feel better for us to know that she is turning down offers weekly?

Just a few days before New Year’s Eve, Melissa took to Twitter to announce that she was staying in with her family to ring in 2013. Not just that, she had to package along in a tweet the announcement that she had turned down not one, but two appearances (paid, I’m sure!) that night.

Melissa tweeted, “What are your NYE plans?! I turned down 2 gigs so I can be with my family this year..”

You’re so relevant, girl! Such a super star!

Fine, whatever. What really got me was last night while RHOBH stars Kyle and Kim Richards competed on Stars in Danger on FOX. Melissa was watching when she felt compelled to tweet again, letting us know, ‘oh hey I was asked to this too!’

Once again Melissa revealed, “I was asked to be on Stars in Danger.. I was too scared!!”

WHO. THE HELL. CARES. This reeks of desperation. Why are you announcing your turned down gigs, Melissa? What are you trying to prove? If you are such a sought-after reality TV star, we will see it for ourselves. You don’t need to push it.

I would love to see Melissa tone this down because like I said, I’m sure she could be more likeable. On the flip side, maybe not, considering the way RHONJ made everyone look last season.

Let’s discuss. Do you think Melissa forces her celebrity status too much?

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