Miami Preservationists Fight Against Lisa & Lenny Hochstein’s Star Island Home

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has recently announced that she and her husband Dr. Lenny Hochstein will be selling their mega mansion and build a new home together! There is an issue that has come up for the couple however, because in order to build their dream home, they will be demolishing another property they own on Star Island. Although they legally are allowed to do whatever they want with that home, Miami preservationists have petitioned against the Hochsteins because of its historic value in Miami (the home was built in the 1920’s), which has Lisa and Lenny very upset! The Star Island home they want to demolish was featured on the RHOM season two opener when Lea Black wanted to buy that investment house initially. Miami preservationists have asked that the couple not do that to their home, calling them immoral for trying to do so! The story has blown up in the Miami scene and Lisa and Lenny are speaking to AllAboutTRH exclusively to give their side of the story against these people who are claiming they are immoral, when in reality they are doing everything by the book and are not asking for any special treatment. The house is not salvageable according to Lisa and Lenny. They loved the lot and the location so they purchased the foreclosed house at a very good price with plans to rent it in the interim, but they quickly learned that was not possible. The house is 30 inches below foot and currently has water standing where it is now. The electrical wiring is shot, and because of it there have been three electrical fires put out by the most recent inhabitants. The balcony can collapse any day, and the report says the home is not safe to live in. The petition against the couple is “a compete lack of concern for what the reality is” according to Lisa and Lenny. The Hochsteins feel they are being treated unfairly. They tell us, “The house we bought is not a historic home. The people that are starting that petition have no right to petition and have no right to prevent us from doing what we want to with the home. They’re using the fact that it’s a home on Star Island, and they’re using the fact that we’re part of the Real Housewives franchise to get publicity for themselves.” Dr. Lenny Hochstein continues, “What they’re doing is despicable, I think it is cowardly and I think it is shameful. There have been 20 homes built prior to 1922 that have been demolished in Miami Beach. None of them have had this petition or this publicity. And the reason is very simple – because these people could not take advantage of these other homes, but they can with this one because it is on Star Island and because of my wife being a Real Housewife.” “They got up there and said their peace which was that we were immoral. They ridiculed my wife for being part of the show and for what? They know they have no standing, no mobility to do this. It’s all for publicity and I find it all despicable,” adds Dr. Hochstein. Some cities have ordinances where they can make a home historic without the owner’s consent. Miami Beach doesn’t have that. Lisa feels that these people are trying to make an example of them because of their popularity and are riding their coattails for some publicity and nothing else. Lisa says that if these people want laws to be changed they should have gone to the mayor and not made a public spectacle of her and her husband. By law, the Hochsteins will eventually demolish the home because they so desire, despite being held to a different standard by these people. In February, the hearing will continue and Lisa hopes she will get what she wants and they can move forward with their dream home plans! Lenny says their current house is more of a bachelor pad that he had before their marriage, and is excited to build a new home with “a woman’s touch”. They are also still working on starting a family and trying to overcome the fertility issues! Lenny says nothing would make him happier than to be a father. Do you think Lisa and her husband are being treated unfairly by Miami?

Lisa Hochstein and her husband, Dr. Lenny Hochstein, are planning to sell their mega mansion in order to build a new home together.

 Miami preservationists are petitioning against the Hochsteins because they want to demolish another property they own on Star Island, which has historic value in Miami.

 Lisa and Lenny state that the Star Island home is not salvageable due to various issues such as being below foot level, water damage, faulty electrical wiring, and safety concerns. They claim that the petition against them is based on a lack of concern for the reality of the situation.

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