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Thomas Kramer Speaks Out On The Dinner Party From Hell! Blames Bravo’s Editing!

On Thursday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, the ladies are invited by Karent to Thomas Kramer’s dinner party. At the dinner party, Thomas Kramer demands for some of the wives to shut up and even kicks a few out! Thomas Kramer explains his side of the dinner party on his official website below!

“Bravo’s editing took to whole unfolding drama leading to the ugly screaming scene out of context!

This is the order of events that the audience did not get to see:

I was asked by my dear friend Karent Sierra and Lea Black to throw a dinner party for their “RHOM”- friends in my home. Of course I agreed, and was later approached by Bravo with the request to film the event. Till the dinner actually happened, I was completely unaware that the entire cast of RHOM was invited! This event turned from a whole day of cooking into an unnecessary hassle! Right before dinner, I was informed by production to add 2-3 seats for extra guests.”

Thomas then describes his relationship with all of his guest and basically says he has a great relationship with everyone including Mama Elsa who he’s been with friends for a while!

Thomas adds, “I had never met Ana until that night. When she first walked in, I thought she was a part of the Bravo filming crew.” Ouch! He continues, “Apparently not! All I can say about her was that she was loud, texting the entire dinner, rude and completely void of any manners. She has become a RHOM ‘ME ME ME’- star. Per my dinner party tradition, I always give an introductory speech for each guest and open the time for toasts. During my whole speech, Ana and Elsa had a loud discussion in Spanish over the whole table. They ignored Lea and Adriana’s request to be quiet. When Frederic began his toast, his voice which is much lower then mine, nobody could understand him, as Elsa & Ana’s cross table discussion heated up. I do not appreciate intolerance and bad manners at my dinner table! Strike 1-Elsa began (already before the dinner started) arguing that there were not seats for the ‘Starrrs’ (referring to hereslf) entourage of four that she brought unannounced! How could I dare not have enough room for her ‘frrrrriennnndss’ she asked me. Excuse me? Strike 2-Ana & Elsa screaming over the table in Spanish. Asked them several times nicely and respectfully to quiet down. That didn’t happen. Ana & Elsa would not STOP while Fredric was speaking. Strike 3-I had to raise my voice and ASK them to PLEASE be quiet. That didn’t work. 3 Strikes- You’re OUT-That’s when Mount Kramer erupted. At least they heard me that time! I demand from Bravo equal air time to defend my reputation. This kind of unilateral trashing is unfair and against FCC rules. WORSE: The one sided bashing continued on the Andy Cohen talk show, right after the episode aired!”


Now that you heard Thomas Kramer’s side, what are your thoughts on what happened at the dinner party from hell?

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