RHOM Recap: Drag Queen vs. Housewife & Miami’s Own Dinner Party From Hell!


Last week the Real Housewives of Miami confronted Karent but of course she somehow took the heat off of herself and it became a fight between Joanna and Adriana who fake-apologized to each other only to get the hell out of there. Let’s see what happens after that when all the ladies come back together.

Lea is hanging out with Mama Elsa who shares her story of when she confronted Elaine and threatened to hit her with a pocketbook if she did not stop gossiping about Marysol. This scene is entirely too hilarious and here’s why: Mama Elsa was oblivious to the fact that Elaine is also James! Lea goes into a Drag Queen 101 lesson with Mama Elsa, who ends up “mentally disturbed.” I died. Seriously, this woman makes this entire show, and she’s not even a Housewife.

Joanna is playing video games with Romain when Marta comes into the high rise condo. She is moving back in after being at Lisa’s for a bit and Joanna is excited because now she gets to torment her again. Joanna and Marta both enjoyed their time away. Marta was able to be away from the drama and Joanna says she got to bond with Romain. Right off the bat, Romain and Marta start to bicker but Joanna insists they are all good now. The two get ready for a shoe fashion show that Lisa Pliner is organizing.

All of Miami’s finest are invited to the fashion show, including the Housewives. Karent is seeing all the ladies for the first time since the dinner, but she slaps on her smile and insists she is totally fine. Marysol’s transgender model friend Lauren Foster is also there and she hates Elaine. Elaine arrives and tells Lea she is going to confront Marysol because Lisa Pliner told him that Marysol tried to keep her from hiring Elaine to host this shoe fashion show. Lea asks Elaine not to cause any drama, but Elaine is not having it because she is over Marysol trying to mess with her livelihood.

Ana tries to come to her friend Marysol’s defense and says Marysol would never! However, Lisa Pliner puts her on blast and says Marysol in fact told her not to hire Elaine for the fashion show because she would charge her. Elaine is pissed and gives Marysol a tongue lashing, calling her a liar for denying all of this. Marysol walks away, and Elaine follows her to chew her out some more. Lauren Foster chimes in and it’s a huge drag queen, tranny mess plus Marysol. Elaine is on the runway hosting the fashion show and Marysol just sits there looking quite flustered. Hmmmm…at this point it seems like Marysol feels guilty. Also, I understand Elaine is a “friend” of the Housewives character but can she tone it down a little bit?

Adriana and her fiance go check out the progress of her boat – which she said in the season premiere she wants to live on. Side note: why is she wearing a GIANT fruit roll-up?! The boat still looks like a damn wreck. Adriana says if the boat is ready, she might hear some wedding bells. You know, the things that make a marriage happen – boats! This is boring but luckily it’s a short scene.

Karent is at her office and she has organized a dinner party at that guy Thomas Kramer’s house. She wants all the ladies to get to know the real her and love her for who she is, so she invites all of them. Obviously this is code for, ‘everyone hates me, but we need to make this event that was set up for filming somehow tie into the plot’.

Karent arrives at Thomas’s who is in an apron with a fake penis on it. I can’t. He is so repulsive and sets the mood for what’s to come at this dinner party. Mama Elsa arrives and finally something good is happening again! She is pure gold. The rest of the girls show up and the Thomas ass kissing begins, primarily from thirsty Karent. UGH. She is so desperate and it’s just annoying already. Mama Elsa even thinks that Karent is Thomas’s mistress because of how much she is all over him.

It’s dinner time. The table has a stripper pole installed. So classy, but let’s be real, I want this table at my house. Joanna invites ALL the women to a trip to Bimini. Ah, the mandatory Housewives seasonal trip! Adriana is shocked at the invite, but she’s under contract so she has to go. Adriana thanks Joanna for her invite and is willing to go so they could work their issues out. Marysol says she does not want Elaine/James to go on this trip, and refuses to work anything out because she was never friends with her/him, so who cares? Lea gets pissed off. Here we go…

Lea confronts Marysol about lying regarding Elaine’s drama. Ana comes to Marysol’s defense and gets worked up. Thomas Kramer rings his bell at her like she’s an animal and asks her to shut up. Ana tells him to piss off, basically. Marysol says not a word, and Ana is upset that she isn’t coming to her defense. Thomas makes misogynist comments and Ana leaves because she is actually smart and won’t sit through this crap. She says she will not be like everyone else and bow down to Thomas just because he’s wealthy and important in Miami’s inner circle. GO ANA!

Romain has a meeting all of a sudden so he left before dinner. Sounds super sketchy. Thomas blurts out what we are all thinking, ‘so is Romain cheating on you, Joanna?! I mean he works in a night club with all sorts of gorgeous women!’ SOFT SPOT. Joanna gets pissed immediately and I don’t blame her, because Thomas was way out of line to comment on her personal life. The feisty Polish is now pissed off. She follows Ana and wants to go home, because she doesn’t feel comfortable. She comes back to the table and tells Thomas not to insult her fiance’s hard work like that!

Adriana says Thomas is not a bad person, he’s just misunderstood! By misunderstood she means he’s so rich so we should all kiss his ass. Lea says Ana should leave if she feel so uncomfortable. Karent also backs Thomas because she would never ruin her rep with someone so praised. Lea continues to rant about how Thomas is so gracious and no one should bash him in his own house. Define “gracious”, Lea. Elsa tries to calm Lea down, and Thomas blows up on her! He yells at Elsa to not talk to his guests like that and asks her to leave if she will act like that. This is such a mess. All these ladies claim to be friends of his for all these years and now they’re being kicked out. Elsa joins Ana outside on the curb of kicked out people.

The episode ends with Ana talking to Marysol outside. Ana is upset that Marysol did not defend her. Ana feels very offended by all of Thomas’s inappropriate comments and thinks Marysol needs to start sticking up for herself first, and that’s why she doesn’t stand up for her friends. Back at the dinner, flawless Lisa starts pole dancing to diffuse the drama, but it might have been too late for that.

Thoughts on the Miami dinner party from hell? Do you think Marysol should have stood up for Ana? Is Elaine being over dramatic or is Marysol really at fault? Let’s discuss!

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