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Karent Sierra Defends Her Actions At Lisa’s Lingerie Bash

Karent Sierra – friend or instigator? This is a question that arose on last night’s Real Housewives of Miami where it seemed that Karent’s actions were the source of all drama that ensued!On the latest episode, Karent confronted Marysol for wearing fur because it upset Joanna, who is an animal rights activist and is vehemently against wearing fur! It seemed that Karent was fighting Joanna’s battles and starting something with Marysol. Karent claims she was just trying to make it known that someone else in the group was offended by fur, and that it would have been a nicer conversation than if Joanna confronted Marysol herself. Karent writes in her blog:

Joanna was offended by Marysol wearing fur. We all have the liberty to wear what we like when we want it. But these other women keep saying that the new girls need to prove ourselves to them and make an effort to become friends. Knowing full well that a friend stood for something so important and that it was 85 degrees in Miami, it didn’t seem like Marysol really respected or cared for Joanna’s beliefs. So, why is it that we are the only ones who supposedly need to earn their friendship? I am not saying you can’t wear it, I am just saying couldn’t you choose a party where you knew Joanna wouldn’t be there and where it would be more appropriate to cover up, like in the winter? Just saying… Joanna had asked me to go up to Marysol to find out if it was real fur, because she was livid, and it would be much nicer coming from me than to receive Joanna’s wrath, because she was so hurt that someone in the group could be so insensitive. That is the only reason I went up to her.

Another problem was Joe Francis claiming he had sex with Joanna and Marta! Although Marta may have admitted to doing so, Joanna is persistent that she did not sleep with him. When Joe said this, Karent made sure to relay the message to Joanna and this escalated into a heated fight between Joanna and Joe. Karent claims she was just trying to nip this rumor in the bud, saying:

At Lisa’s lingerie party, Joanna had personally mentioned to me that she couldn’t believe Joe Francis would be attending and he loved spreading lies that he had supposedly slept with her. About 20 minutes after she tells me this, I hear Joe acting all cocky and telling people that he slept with both Krupa sisters. I hate rumors and hearsay, so when I heard him spreading those nasty lies about Joanna, I felt an obligation to nip it in the bud and take Joe directly to Joanna. She has been an amazing friend to me, and I would appreciate it if someone helped me put a stop to someone lying about me immediately.

Do you believe Karent was just being a good friend to Joanna? Or was she purposefully causing drama at the party and hiding behind her smile?

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