Jacqueline Laurita Reveals That Dina Manzo Hasn’t Acknowledged Her Son; Dina Responds!


On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline and Jacqueline share what their relationship is like with Dina Manzo on the lost footage episode. Jacqueline says Dina is still very distant and reveals that she has yet to acknowledge her son Nicholas. Check out Jac and Caroline talking about it after the jump!

So what did Dina have to say about it? Dina took to twitter to respond saying, “I’m not worried, the truth always comes out in the end, you can try & try but you’ll never “take me down.”

That’s not all! Dina’s very good friend Luke Mc Kibben had stuff to say as well! He took to his twitter to defend Dina writing, “Tonight made me sooo mad!! Dina is an awesome loving and caring person. You all don’t see the full picture that I see. She loves all her nieces and nephews.”

He continued, “What I can’t stand is the bullshit fake ass shit #bereal. And I think everyone should respect her for staying quiet! It would be easy to tell everyone what really happened, to get people off her back but instead she takes these stupid little jabs when she can’t defend herself..on the same “platform” as others.”

He also added, “Are you forgetting Dina has a daughter as well? Funny I don’t see tweets asking about her!”

Interesting. Very interesting. Dina responded to Luke telling him she loves him and to go to bed! I think Jacqueline is a handful. I get why Dina doesn’t have a relationship with her. I also think Jac has done really horrible things to Dina that Dina is hiding. Also Jac has a problem about blabbing away. For example, if Teresa did complain about Dina to Jac, Jac later calls out T for doing that when I’m sure T told her in confidence or just told her as a friend. So can you imagine how many things Dina must have told Jacqueline that Jac ran and told everyone else? Do you think they will be able to move forward from this? Team Dina or Caro/Jac?

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