AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Melissa Tells Wendy Williams Teresa Attacked Her Only Because She Puts Her Hands On T At The Reunion!


Ah! RHONJ star Melissa Gorga is a smart one or so she tries to be….Melissa Gorga attended Gia’s birthday with her children back in January. Shortly after, Melissa reported that everything went well at the birthday and the kids were happy. Recently, Melissa Gorga went on the Wendy Williams and randomly revealed 9 months after the incident that Teresa grabbed her wrist when she was holding baby Joey! I found it quite odd that Melissa would bring this up 9 months later and now I know why!

An insider close to the situation tells AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY why Melissa brought that up on the Wendy Williams show! “At the reunion taping, Melissa Gorga went as far as to putting her hands on her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice! Teresa freaked out when Melissa laid her hands on her and told her to get off threatening to sue her if she touches her again! Melissa stopped after seeing Teresa react that way and later went on the Wendy Williams show and made it like Teresa grabbed her wrist back in January only because she knew she would receive backlash for touching Teresa at the reunion.”

My insider goes on to say, “If Teresa really laid her hands on Melissa back in January, don’t you think Melissa would have gone to reporters right away? Why would she wait 9 months later to say it? The report of Teresa grabbing Melissa while holding baby Joey is completely false and their were several witnesses at the birthday that will agree with that statement!”

My insider continues, “Teresa doesn’t plan on suing Melissa and would never do that. She said it out of frustration and shock that Melissa would touch her.”

Wow, wow, wow! Can’t say I’m not surprised with Melissa. She tries to fool the viewers as much as she can and does act like a victim. Some people buy it. Some people don’t. I just don’t buy it and that’s my issue. It all makes sense now…are you shocked Melissa would do that?

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