Teresa Giudice Gets Reamed by Anderson Cooper; Denies Spin-Off Rumors & Talks Jacqueline, Plus Caroline Insults At Reunion


Teresa Giudice stopped by Anderson Cooper’s show this morning and it was a bit of a feisty encounter between the two! Anderson called out Teresa on her insults towards Caroline at the reunion, questioned why she didn’t support Jacqueline dealing with her son’s autism, and asked her about the spin-off show rumors. Check it out after the jump!

Anderson began by saying that Teresa “seems really mean” on RHONJ and aired a preview of the season four reunion in which Teresa brings up Caroline’s “blubber” and exposes her tummy tuck surgery! Anderson tells Teresa that he “doesn’t care” and that she “is not 12 years old” when she tried explaining what comments from Caroline sparked her to retaliate in that way. That was very rude of Anderson in my opinion. Teresa explains that it’s “ridiculous” at this point and that after defending herself against four women during the reunion taping, she snapped and started fighting back against what was being said to her prior to the “blubber” comments.

Next, Anderson confronted Teresa about Jacqueline’s allegations that Teresa did not show support when her son was diagnosed with autism. “She was a friend, how could you not have called her?” asked a fired up Anderson. Teresa said that she did text Jacqueline, but did not call because their relationship was beyond that at that point. I have to say that after being called “scum” and “disgusting” by Jacqueline, a text is MORE than I could’ve ever expected from Teresa. Teresa also reveals that if Jacqueline’s harassing texts continue, she will go to the cops!

Teresa was also asked about spin-off rumors for a show based on her family. Teresa shot down the rumors but did express that she would like a spin-off show that revolves around her cooking. Anderson then wrapped up by saying that he believes people are good people, and asks why Teresa is allowing herself to be portrayed so negatively. She tried asking if he saw Celebrity Apprentice, I’m assuming to explain that she is not how she appears on RHONJ when taken from that setting, but once again, Anderson cut her off and said that he refuses to watch that show.

Wow! I respect Anderson Cooper for expressing his thoughts, but I think he did rip into her a little bit too much, and it’s clear he is anti-Teresa. He is entitled to his opinion, but as a guest of his show, he should’ve allowed her to speak without being cutoff even if he disagreed with her. You can tell Teresa was upset by the end of the interview and I’m happy she kept her composure. Priscilla DiStasio, Teresa’s make-up artist, took to Twitter to express her feelings regarding the appearance right after. Priscilla said:
“@andersoncooper @andersonlive @Teresa_Giudice was such a huge fan and viewer of u Anderson until u attacked Teresa based on a tv clip. how can Andy question why or how tre contacted jaqueline. She is in her passed and is cruel To @Teresa_Giudice jaquleine should. E lucky she even texted her after what she has done to Teresa! Facts need to be put out there already! anderson try to find the good in Teresa before u attack” .. #in shock!”

Teresa was asked to return back on Anderson once more to clear the air. The preview for her Thursday appearance says:
“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star TERESA GIUDICE (@Teresa_Giudice) returns to address the controversy surrounding her appearance on Wednesday. She is sharing her feelings about this Sunday’s “Housewives” reunion show, and her dispute with Caroline Manzo. Plus, find out what happened after Teresa’s appearance Wednesday, and about the Twitter war that erupted, plus the deal co-star Jacqueline Laurita proposed to put an end to the feud.”

Thoughts on what Teresa had to say? Do you think Anderson was maybe a bit too harsh on Teresa?

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