RHONY Recap: What Happens in St. Barths Doesn’t Stay in St. Barths


The women are back in the Big Apple after a “vacation from hell” in St. Barths. The trip turned around the flow of the group and changed relationships for better, and for worse. This episode was a series of dinners in which the ladies basically re-hashed all that happened in St. Barths now that they’re home. Let’s see where they stand after the whirlwind that was their island getaway!

Ramona has set up a dinner (for the “originals”) with a mutual friend of hers and Luann, plus Sonja. The men (Mario and Jacques) will be doing the cooking while the women sit around and gossip. Luann is all over Jacques and she admits that she is “terrified” to lose him and wants to make sure she shows him how much she loves him. That Luann is always acting like she has done nothing wrong. In typical Luann fashion, she pretends like nothing happened in St. Barths with the boy toy, Tomas. Sonja joins the other ladies at the dinner party and they discuss Aviva and her behavior on the trip. They are still in disbelief and are obviously still bothered by her actions.

Back at a local gay bar, Heather and Carole are winding down and having some girl-on-girl fun hanging out with the gays and having them buy them shot after shot. They discuss the madness of the trip and gossip about Aviva. They reveal that Aviva called off a wedding just one week before the big day and I can’t say that I am surprised after seeing her true colors! Carole and Heather are happy that their friendship blossomed and that their bond got stronger during St. Barths. The two stumble out of the bar together like the two BFF’s they now are.

The next awkward, producer set-up meal was between Heather and Luann. Heather feels like her and Luann are the only ones not directly involved in any St. Barths drama so she wants to debrief and hear Luann’s take on things. They discuss Aviva, again, and Heather tries to find out if Luann has any comment on the Tomas drama and if she has told Jacques about it. When Heather tries to ease her way into the topic, BOOM, Luann drops a bomb and tells her out of the gate that she is going for IVF treatments to try and have a child. Luann strikes again. Ignore the white elephant in the room.

Up next it’s time for the “newbies” to have dinner. Heather, Carole, and Aviva meet and briefly have a few laughs about St. Barths. The mood quickly changes when Aviva takes this as an opportunity to talk about how she was bullied and victimized and how the ladies were not gracious. If I hear that word come out of her mouth one more time…

Ramona comes over to Sonja’s and they discuss something not St. Barths related, FINALLY. Sonja will be meeting with her ex-husband who she has not seen since 2006. Although they are divorced, they have not yet reached a settlement and Sonja is nervous because she just wants her best friend back and she wants to have a relationship with him. You can tell that Sonja is still in love and it breaks her heart that she is estranged from her ex. Sonja says that she may even lose her home if there is no settlement. Best wishes to Sonja!

For the final dinner of this episode, it’s Sonja and Aviva! Sonja is courteous and polite, clearly holding no anger. Aviva tries to clear the air between them and showers Sonja with compliments about how she is compassionate and funny. Sonja won’t have it. Sonja reminds Aviva that just a few days ago she called her white trash and double-dealing and that anybody who would ever think that of her has no business trying to be friends with her. I have to say that I agree with Sonja. Sonja was always supportive of Aviva and although she may be best friends with crazy Ramona, it’s not fair to be blamed by association, which Aviva acknowledges. Aviva goes into defense mode and says that it’s sad to see Sonja going down this downward spiral. Sonja does the right thing and gets up, leaving Aviva alone at the table.

I’m not sure why Aviva tries to be so controlling of every situation and judge everyone else. She has been carrying around this holier-than-thou attitude in these last few episodes and it’s really annoying to have to watch, to be honest! It’ll make for an interesting reunion, at least, which I am ready to fast forward to already. This season has definitely been hit-or-miss and right now it seems like it’ll be a “miss” until the reunion episodes.

Thoughts on this week’s episode? Do you think Sonja is right to reject Aviva? Is Sonja to blame for anything?

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