RHONJ Recap: Another Fashion Show Filled With Drama!


The anticipated episode of the highly talked about Posche Fashion Show finally airs and it’s an interesting episode to say the least! For a year now, Melissa has made it clear that her sister-in-law Teresa set her up by bringing her former manager Angelo Vrohidis to the Posche Fashion show. The episode has finally aired and the truth has finally came out!

The episode begins with Kim D giving Melissa Gorga a call to invite her to the Posche Fashion Show. Melissa makes it clear she doesn’t like Kim D before answering the phone and it’s obvious the two have bad blood with each other. Kim D calls and apologizes about all the drama between them two and wants to move on. Melissa questions whether Kim D is being sincere. I personally don’t think Kim D was trying to make amends and the two obviously have an issue and talk about one other. Melissa thinks Kim D wants her to come to the Posche Fashion Show because, and in her own words, she thinks she might be the biggest “celebrity” Kim D knows! Rewind: The fact that Melissa refers to herself as a celebrity is laughable!

Inside Teresa’s house, Teresa attempts to give her daughters an Italian lesson to learn the language. It’s an epic fail but it’s always fun to see Milania. She makes RHONJ so much better and I wouldn’t mind her being in my classroom!

Albie and Chris are inviting his family over to have some lunch with Lindsey. Albie’s obviously drunk and it’s hilarious to watch. He really does seem lovestruck over Lindsey. I don’t blame him. She’s a beautiful girl, however she’s just not wifey material considering the lunch she made for the family. Clearly, cooking isn’t her cup of tea! Caroline says her kids get a bad rep and is constantly accused of getting things handed to them from mama and papa Manzo. Let’s be honest, Caroline and Albert do give the kids everything and there is nothing wrong with helping your kids as much as you can. Don’t see why Caroline denies it! Tons of parents get there kids started!

Kathy then meets some guy and I’ll be honest, I blocked out once her scene came on. I mean every scene with Kathy is just boring. What I did notice was Richie who makes every situation about him and doesn’t seem to know when to stop acting annoying. I think he needs to control how he acts especially in meetings for his wife. Richard also made sure to tell the world on his interview that his wife tastes like fish. I have no words.

Melissa meets with singing producers and says she’s not interested in going to a major label. Truth is no major label is interested in her. She just can’t sing and that’s the God honest truth! Melissa even goes as far as to comparing herself to Christina Aguilera and believes that like Christina Aguilera, she will get a True Hollywood Story on E! Personally I think Melissa should really thank Teresa for “living this dream” because she wouldn’t get the exposure without Teresa. Let’s not forget Melissa did get on this show because producers knew the families didn’t speak!

Teresa invites Jacqueline and Melissa over for a play date with the kids! Jacqueline acts awkward the whole entire time which made me feel uncomfortable watching! The children all look so beautiful playing with each other.

Later, Jacqueline skypes with Ashlee who is now living in California! Ashlee seems like she’s doing well despite all the new pointless tattoos!

Kim D invites Teresa to get there make up done with each other for Kim D’s event. Teresa is skeptical about getting her make up done with Kim D because she normally has a make up artist who does her make up.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…we finally meet Angelo Vrohidis! Angelo escorts the ladies to the make up room and Angelo reveals to Teresa that he know’s Melissa. Kim D watches Teresa’s reaction and clearly knows that Angelo was going to approach Teresa. Teresa obviously has no idea what was going on and let’s be honest, Teresa isn’t acting. I don’t think Teresa has it in her to act and if that was an act, hollywood needs to call her over ASAP! While Angelo reveals that Melissa used to dance at a gentlemen’s club, Teresa defends Melissa and doesn’t want to hear it! Kim D obviously set the whole thing up and Teresa kept asking Kim not to bring Melissa or her family up. Teresa starts shaking, she looks like she doesn’t want to be apart of this and is happy with how things are now. She even leaves the room while Kim D asks more questions about Melissa.

Ahh! Finally, the fashion show begins! The ladies are all sitting when Angelo approaches Melissa asking how things are. Melissa is stunned and has a guilty look to her face. Teresa looks like she’s going to be sick and looks like she can’t believe what’s happening. Again, it’s clear Kim D has an agenda with Melissa and set this up. Kim D is no stranger to drama! After the episode aired, Melissa tweeted, “Hmmm.. Kim D doesn’t have enough reason to want to do this to me… Maybe someone made her do it.”

Uh did she forget what she said about Kim D in the beginning of the episode? It’s clear the two didn’t like each other and it makes complete sense why Kim D would do this! Melissa still believes Teresa set her up and I think it’s sad that Melissa has to assume the worse and accuse Teresa of setting her up when Kim D clearly was out to get her! Melissa even said Kim D spoke bad about Joe so it all makes sense that Kim D would do this! On the next episode of RHONJ, Melissa and Teresa get into it and Joe Gorga comes to the fashion show and accuses Kim D of lots of things!

Do you think Teresa set up Melissa? Thoughts on the episode?

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