Friends Say Teresa Will Never Leave Joe Giudice!


Joe Giudice is getting some major backlash after he was taped answering a mysterious phone call in which he called his wife a “bitch” and other inappropriate names. Teresa Giudice said that if he continued she would leave him but friends are coming out and saying Teresa would never leave Joe!

Melissa A friend tells Rob from Huffington, “Teresa will never, ever leave Joe. She adores him and will always make excuses for his behavior. He was caught on tape talking with a mystery woman, calling his wife a ‘bitch’ and a ‘c***’ and she chose not to see the red flag. Even if she caught him naked with another woman, she would believe that the wind blew both of their clothes off!”

Harsh! So what does Melissa have to say about the recent drama? She tells Rob, “I would never touch on anyone’s marriage — it’s just not my style. I wish them well.” That’s not all! Melissa says the two don’t really talk “We are not in a great place right now. I wish it could be better but it’s not.”

I hate that both parties say “I wish it could be better.” If you really “wish” it could be better, pick up the damn phone and say “dude, we’re family.” That simple! If I were them, I’d call, make things better and go to the reunion having each others back! It’s not that complicated and that’s why I believe both parties don’t want to make anything better! Do you believe Teresa would ever leave Joe?!

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