RHONJ Recap: Camping Just Isn’t For Everyone!


I want to start off this recap by apologizing for the delay! Had a wedding last night so wasn’t able to watch Sunday’s episode until just about an hour ago! Moving along..I see you all have a lot to say about yesterday’s episode! I came to the realization that camping just isn’t for everyone! Especially those New Jersey folks! Lol!

I don’t have much to say about the episode. I thought it was a fun episode with everyone really excited about the trip. Like always, Caroline was bitter and talking about Teresa even though they were no where near each other. Watching this, I see Jacqueline really wants to move forward with Teresa. Then I hear Caroline in the back of her head adding her two sense to it because that’s what Caroline does.

I think it’s silly that Kathy acted confused when Teresa called her out about claiming who’s recipes were who’s. Technically Kathy didn’t use the word “recipes” and said “that’s my moms ___” but we all know what she meant. I do find it odd Kathy goes back to the Laurita’s and Manzo’s and tells them about her conversation with Teresa. Only reason I find it odd is because when Kathy has a conversation with the Laurita’s and Manzo’s she never runs back to Teresa and tells her about it and that’s her family. Seems like someone may be trying to hard..

Melissa and Teresa were getting along and it was great to see. Richie had me cracking up half the time!

Overall it was an “eh” episode. What were your thoughts on the Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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