RHONJ Recap: Full Of Promotion!


What an episode! An episode filled with promotion. An episode I yawned a few times over. On Sunday’s episode, the housewives/housechildren/househusbands focused on promoting their brand and music because you know, that’s what viewers like us care to watch!

There’s not much to write in this recap because personally the episode was very boring to me. The scenes between Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga were just disgusting. That is not hot in any way at all. It’s to much and doesn’t her/his family get embarrassed when they watch them do that? I also hate how Joe Gorga has to tell Melissa over and over again how he’s invested in her. She’s your wife, get over it. You don’t have to remind her! It was also extra cute when Joe Gorga called his daughter a cock blocker. Yea, real cute.

Best part of the episode: Greggy meets Patti! Like him or not that was so cool to watch and he was obviously really happy! “She has a Louis Vuitton scarf. She’s everything.” Leave it to Greggy to make me LOL!

The performance: Milania yawning at Gia’s performance: priceless! This child needs to get the heck off of the housewives and star in ‘The Milania Show!’ I promise it would be a hit! Gia did a fantastic job! She really has talent and obviously loves to dance! Melissa Gorga on the other hand looked like a nervous wreck but i must admit it was sweet seeing her sisters tear up for her.

The Manzo’s: I really wish Albie would realize that work is important but so is Lindsey. Lindsey could become his family and I’m sure watching Albie say that BLK is more important didn’t make her feel so great. Chris Laurita is such a good guy. I still wonder how he’s remained with Jacqueline.

The episode was blah. Looking forward to next week! What were your thoughts on the episode? How do you think Gia and Melissa did?!

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