RHOC Recap: Part 1 Reunion


The time has come! The Real Housewives of Orange County has come to an end and the reunion has just begun! Right off the bat, the girls looked lovely! I wasn’t feeling Tamra’s hair and Heather immediately annoyed me. Was I the only one?

Heather Dubrow: Oh that Heather! Looks like she’s trying way to hard to keep her spot as a Real Housewife. My thoughts on her VS Alexis. Alexis can be annoying, she says annoying things but this season Alexis wasn’t so bad. In fact, Heather bashed Alexis more then Alexis bashed her! I thought it was annoying when the ladies ESPECIALLY Heather cared about how Alexis is with Jim. No one is questioning Terry and Heather’s relationship! Heather just couldn’t seem to drop anything when it came to Alexis. It was quite exhausting to watch
Tamra and Eddie: glad for these two! They are such a cute couple. Met them in person. They have a strong chemistry and you can tell Eddie is crazy about her!

Private Jet Comment: Give Alexis some slack! Heather shows her off her house and talk helicopters and tries her hardest to portray she is Ms. Fancy pants but the second Alexis says ‘private jet’ all hell breaks loose!

Vicki Gunvalson: Vicki claims no one can stand the fact that she’s happy. BS. EVERYONE but Vicki can see there is something going on with Brooks and is just trying to look out for her. It’s understandable that they comment on Brooks because we can’t forget how Vicki always had so much to say about Slade!

Shocking Moment: Alexis calls out Gretchen on lying about her lips and extensions! This is a big deal only because Gretchen has made sure to say several times that she has never got her lips done or had any sort of extensions on her hair! Crazy thing is I actually believed she didn’t wear extensions! I don’t know how I feel about Alexis calling Gretchen out on it but then again Gretchen was agreeing with everything Heather and Tamra were saying.

Tamra Vs Alexis: Tamra was really hard on Alexis. Alexis was trying to make peace. Tamra wasn’t having it. As adults they should show people how they can move forward instead of being so childish. I’m sure most of them wouldn’t want there children acting like that!

Most Annoying Person At The Reunion: Heather Dubrow.

What were your thoughts on part 1 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion?!

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