RHOC Recap: Are You In Or Are You Out?!


What an interesting yet strange season finale for The Real Housewives of Orange County. It was fight after fight and things kept getting weirder and more dramatic. But what did we expect? Bravo knows how to end a season! Why else do you think Jeana and Sarah were invited to the party? Both those ladies were invited from the producers because the producers assumed there would be drama which there kind of was just not so much from them.

Heather Dubrow VS Sarah Winchester: I think Heather took the whole situation with Sarah very far. I think Sarah was disrespectful but she apologized. Even if the apology didn’t seem genuine, she continued to apologize. Heather wasn’t having it. I don’t think Heather needed to bring everyone over to kick Sarah out. That was just rude. If it were my party, I’d ask Sarah to leave and not make a scene.

Jim Bellino: Oh that Jim. Jim was obviously invited to Heather’s from Terry and he just wanted to have a drama free night. Do you blame him? Not every guy is like Joe Gorga and loves bringing drama for the cameras! Heather didn’t need to make a comment about “trouble” happening because Jim was showing up. It’s uncalled for and I sometimes think Heather talks more than she should and it’s annoying to watch. Jim enters and Terry approaches him. Jim just wants to have a good night with his wife but Terry wants to talk. Everyone seems to think it’s a good idea but let’s rewind. Wasn’t it Heather who said in last weeks episode that none of it should get brought up at the party? Alexis tells him to go talk when Jim says “who wears the pants” totally uncalled for. I mean who even says that? I was looking through twitter when I read Heather talking about Jim saying that and adding how she wears the pants. Uh. Okay? No one should say that. Not the husband. Or not the wife. That’s just my opinion on it. Jim walks with Terry and Terry looks like a little boy scared for his life. In comes Heather. I think the conversation should have been just between Jim and Terry. If Heather got involved, I think Alexis should have been sitting with them too. Randomly Tamra shows up to talk about it and takes a seat? Was I the only one weirded out by this? Tamra was looking for some drama and I think she was wrong for even attempting to get in the conversation! Jim feels like he is getting ambushed. I don’t blame him. He hates drama so he leaves. I give Jim props for sticking up for his wife. That’s what all husbands should do! I think it’s silly Terry would even want to gossip about a woman, very childish.

Vicki Vs Tamra: After Alexis and Jim leave, the housewives sit down together and Vicki toasts to Alexis. Tamra rolls her eyes and even though Vicki didn’t see it, she claims she did because Brooks keeps instigating that Tamra has now given Vicki the ‘evil eye.’ Brooks was looking for drama and wouldn’t shut up. I think he was aware that it was the taping for the season finale so he wanted to bring it all he could since he obviously loves this stuff! Tamra made a good point via twitter. She wrote, “Does anyone else think its weird how Brooks uses words from past episodes…evil eye, affirmations, bomb.com. Study the show?” Hmm..interesting point Tamra! Brooks was in the wrong and all of that could have been easily prevented!


Most Annoying Part Of The Finale: Tamra’s tears. Real or fake?

How do you think the season finale of RHOC went?!

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