A Message To My Readers..


Hello everyone. Hopefully everyone is off to a great day! I sure am. I wanted to talk to my readers about the commenting section. I’m so appreciative that everyone on the site leaves comments. My goal was to have a comment friendly site except lately it hasn’t been so friendly!

We all have our own opinions and we’re not going to agree with each other but that doesn’t mean we should begin to act childish and say really nasty things to each other or about anyone. I’ve decided I’m going to have to monitor the comments and if I feel like I see anything inappropriate I will block the commenter from ever commenting on the site.

Like I said, I do appreciate the comments but the whole point of this site was to express our thoughts maturely. The inappropriate behavior has made blogging less fun for me. I too have my opinions and get carried away at times but I have a limit and have never swore, or have been inappropriate, and especially name called anyone. I respect other peoples opinions and I expect my readers to do the same.

Hope you understand and have a lovely rest of the day!


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