Basketball Wives Recap: Evelyn Isn’t Over It


Oh those Basketball Wives! They continue to keep me entertained. Monday’s episode begins with Jennifer and Kenya joining the rest of the ladies to Tahiti! Almost immediately Ev, Tami, and Shaunie see Jen hanging out on her patio bungalow. Jen spends the day alone while all the ladies are confused and questioning if she’ll come out and join them. I don’t think Jen should have came on the vacation since she doesn’t like any of the ladies but I know she did because it’s a free trip so she was probably thinking ‘why not?!’

Tami and Shaunie go to see Kenya to find out if Kenya stayed in the room where they hid dead fish everywhere as a prank. They confirm how smelly it is and act shocked that she would stay in there. My thoughts: There are pranks that are funny and than there are pranks that aren’t funny. That prank wasn’t funny in any way. It’s disrespectful to the hotel and childish on so many different levels. Kenya leaves her room and confronts Evelyn about getting a bottle thrown at her. Evelyn apologizes and Kenya goes into discussion on the difference between “loose” and “hoe.” She than explains that a mother can call you loose but can’t call you a hoe. I don’t think Kenya is normal. People need to stop questioning if she’s crazy. She is crazy! That’s that.

Crazy Kenya goes over to get Jen. Jen finally comes out and is joined by Tami and Shaunie. That’s when Evelyn walks up to talk to Jen. Evelyn’s approach was good but Jen doesn’t want to hear it. That made Evelyn mad and when Evelyn gets mad she starts saying stupid things and blabbing away. Jen walks away which makes Ev even more angry and causes Ev to reveal that Jen was sleeping with men while she married. Ev isn’t over it and she won’t be until they actually truly talk.

I haven’t mentioned Susie because I wanted to wait till I was finished with the recap. It sucks to be in the position that Susie is in where she’s always in the middle but I don’t think it’s smart that she constantly goes back and forth and tells each lady what the others said. That’s just my take on it. Thoughts on the episode? Will Ev and Jen be able to talk without going at each other? Do you think Susie causes more drama?

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