Teresa Giudice Says RHONJ Is A ‘Must See Season’ Plus Talks Celebrity Apprentice!


Teresa Giudice is still going strong on Celebrity Apprentice and whatever she’s doing is working! She also seems to be a favorite from Mr. Trump. Teresa spoke to Dr. Kellog at Huffington Post about Celebrity Apprentice and what we can expect to see this season on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Dr. Kellogg: On Celebrity Apprentice, you seem to have a different approach to getting along with others than we’ve seen in RHONJ. What was your strategy for getting along with the other players?
Teresa: I didn’t really have a different approach. I used the same approach I use in my everyday life: I give people my heart right away, I don’t hold anything back, but if you cross me, you will hear about it. What people forget is that I was on Housewives with some of my best friends and we got along great for the first two seasons. The only drama from me came when I stood up for my friends out of loyalty. My strategy for Celebrity Apprentice was to go in being myself because I knew that would throw people off, that they would be expecting the table-flipping Housewife, and really, that’s only a small percentage of my personality. I have degree in fashion marketing, was a buyer for Macy’s, and wrote three successful cookbooks. I think the big difference in the two shows is how they’re filmed. For Housewives, they film us here and there for months and months, and then pick and choose little pieces to show, sometimes out of order. Like someone can pick at your nerves for months, and when you finally blow, that’s the scene they show first. You could take the same 1000 hours of footage and give it to 10 different editors, and you’d come away with 10 different versions of who that person “really is.” For Apprentice, they filmed us for two solid months, and we did so much during that time, so many tasks, that they have to use a lot more of the footage, and mostly in order. And we all lived together in Trump Tower with almost no breaks so what you see is real: our real tension, our real frustration, and our real bonding.

What were the relationship dynamics you noticed on the show? Were there any Leaders? Bullying? A Peacekeeper?
Everyone definitely played a different role. I tried to stay as neutral as possible in the beginning. I knew that if I was super opinionated right away, I would be a huge target for the other players to get rid of. So while I would normally be a leader, I was fine with letting the others take the lead. If I wasn’t supposed to be the project manager, I was a worker bee. That’s what being part of a team is — respecting other people’s roles. Some people just wanted to be the boss all day every day, but that kind of attitude won’t win you any friends or allies in the boardroom! Paul and Michael were really quiet but I don’t think it was because they were weak; they were just allowing other people to be bossy, like I was. In reality, we’re all leaders, we’re all used to being in charge of our own lives and careers. I think it takes more skill to know how to step back than to always be in everybody’s face. The funniest thing is how many people came in as divas on the first day. Most everyone has personal assistants who cater to them, they get to sleep in — that’s just not my life at all.You know who makes it the longest? The people who put their heads down and work their butts off. The people who don’t care about how much camera time they get, but just want their team to win every time.

Clay Aiken really stands out this season; he is professional, hard working, amiable and humorous. And you’ve mentioned that you and Aubrey O’Day became close. Did you learn anything about yourself through working with such a variety of new people?
I became close with almost everyone on the cast because we were together so much. I’m proud that I was successful on many tasks, but I might be the most proud that I was able to hold my own and make such strong friendships with so many different types of people. I learned a lot about myself and realized that I have always been a caretaker. I was the mama bear behind the scenes and loved cooking for everyone, testing out recipes from my upcoming cookbook, Fabulicious, Fast and Fit and toasting to a long day of work with Fabellini. Being a mom really brings a lot joy to my life and is the most important role. I love taking care of other people.

What helped you stand out among the other players?
I think my heart and my work ethic. I don’t think anyone expected it — they expected me to be a diva or to just throw tables around or something. I’ve only done that one time in my life and I’m never going to live it down! Oh, I did it again on Celebrity Apprentice, but that was for CHARITY! Never again! I’m a hard worker. When I graduated from college, I went right to work and took three buses into the city every day to my job. I hustled. I saved money. I have worked hard my whole life. I think the reason I was nominated in the boardroom for so many weeks is because everyone saw how hard I worked — including the Trumps. You don’t fire your hardest workers.

Tell us what’s in store for next season of RHONJ?
My gosh, what’s not in store? Betrayal, backstabbing, families trying to work things out, friendships falling apart, explosions, reconciliations, RV parties, lots of wine. You have to tune in on April 22 at 10 p.m. on Bravo. This is a must-see season! Reality TV shows are our new soap operas, aren’t they? Although I have to say, it might be easier to watch when you know it’s all fake! The tabloids have already started printing fake stories so that is when I know things are starting to heat up for the show. The tabloids are also like soap operas and we don’t read them anymore because they write such inaccurate, absurd and sensational stories. What happens this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey is very real and still shocking to me. Oh, and lots of Milania! That’s one good thing! That kid always makes me laugh. I love her. I love all my girls!

Knowing that next season is filled with Milania just made my day! I’m glad we saw a different side of Teresa on Celebrity Apprentice. Thoughts on the interview?

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