Lisa Lampanelli VS AllAboutTRH


Isn’t it funny when you call someone out and they just can’t seem to handle it? And there those type of people who constantly dish it and always have something to say? Well that’s the case with Comedian and Celebrity Apprentice star Lisa Lampanelli!

Yesterday Lisa tweeted, “Lou isn’t deaf. His ears are just stupider than the rest of him.” I took offense to this and immediately told her off by telling her to chill and that she isn’t funny. Lisa constantly tweets things bashing others and as soon as I called her out for being stupid she told me to “shut up” and called me a “cunt.” Nice, Lisa! Lisa then blocked me so I called her a coward. Lisa’s response?

“Don’t worry, cunt. I’m no coward. I will take you on anytime, anyplace, in person. Name it, bitch. It’s on.” She added, “This cunt hides behind the name “AllAboutTRH” instead of putting her/himself out there like us. That’s cowardly” This made Lisa feel very dumb considering in my bio it says what my personal account is. Lisa kept it going and was called out by my amazing AllAboutTRH readers who told Lisa that I was only 19. In which Lisa responded, “Oh, she’s 19? Then she’s not a cunt. She’s only a cunt-in-training.” She went on saying, “No fight here, Mina! Have a rule against fighting against 19 year olds who’ll end up on a pole.”

Lisa continued to tweet and said, “Man, it’s so funny to get in fake tweet wars with these Real Housewives fans ’cause they think it’s serious. OMG!” Lisa continued to bash me by saying, “She’ll get all the attention she wants when she’s working in platforms & a G-string in a couple yrs. (If she’s not already)”

LOL. Actually Lisa. I’m a college student with two jobs and I’m a blogger. It’s clear you can’t handle when someone calls you out and calling someone a “cunt” is just not funny. Or talking trash about a man who is deaf and never spoke about you is low. Then again, that’s what you are! I know Lisa is a comedian but most of the things she say…just aren’t funny! Thought I’d blog about this because my twitter friends were really confused with what was going on! Now here’s to hoping Lisa leaves next week on Celebrity Apprentice..LOL!

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