Basketball Wives Recap: Miami To New York


Alright! That was a crazy episode of Basketball Wives and it was only the first! I feel like this season is going to be extra interesting! With two new ‘wives’ there is going to be tons of drama! Here’s my first recap on the Basketball Wives and remember this is my opinion and I hope you can respect it like I’ll always respect yours!

Suzie Ketcham: Suzie and Jennifer go out for dinner. Suzie reveals that she speaks to Tami and hasn’t spoken to Royce and she thinks that Royce might be mad at her. I don’t think Royce has any reason at all too be mad at Suzie. Just because Royce doesn’t like Evelyn Jennifer and Shaunie doesn’t mean Suzie doesn’t have too either. I know Suzie had her beef with the girls but that was the past. It’s great that they moved on from that and can be friends. Royce, get over it.

Royce Reed: Royce reveals that she hasn’t spoken to Jennifer, Evelyn or Shaunie. No surprise there! Royce meets up with Suzie and Royce is irritated with Suzie. The two decide to start over. Suzie says that her and Jen need to squash it. I think Jennifer will become friends with Royce now that her and Evelyn are no longer friends.

Shaunie O’Neal: I hope Shaunie is on the show a lot more then she was in it last season

Tami Roman: Tami catches up with Jennifer because she wants to find out what’s really going on with Jen and Evelyn. Jen reveals that she doesn’t know why Evelyn is acting the way she is. Tami says she needs to meet everyone as a group because she doesn’t do the ‘he said/she said.’ LOL I just love Tami. She keeps it real.

Evelyn Lozada: Evelyn meets up with her wedding planner and reveals that she doesn’t want any bridesmaids. I thought that was shocking but different. I think its great shes willing to do something different and do what she wants on her wedding day. When Tami and Evelyn grabbed lunch, Evelyn reveals that she only has spoken too Shaunie. Tami was quite surprised and Evelyn says their friendship just ran its course.

Jennifer Williams: So lets talk when Jennifer met up the ladies and Evelyn for the first time in a long time. Evelyn calls Jennifer out for talking crap on a blog and Jennifer says its her publicist who does that? I find that hard to believe. I do think Jennifer has gotten a huge ego over the seasons. Here’s my take on the Jennifer/Evelyn situation. Evelyn has every right to be mad at Jennifer. They were friends for 10 years and you would assume that Jennifer would just be happy for Evelyn like any best friend would. Jennifer says she got upset because Evelyn made a comment about who she ‘f’s with’ in Italy. Evelyn shouldn’t have said that but it was clear she said it out of anger. They end the night with Evelyn saying she doesn’t want to be her friend anymore. Jennifer is hurt which is a bit sad.

Kesha Nichols: Kesha is the new girl and meets up for dinner with Royce. The two seem like they are hitting it off. I’m sure Royce is happy that Kesha is in the show because she needed a friend now that she doesn’t talk to the other ‘wives.’ Throughout the episode Kesha has a lot of negative things to say about the other ‘wives.’ It was annoying me.

Kenya Bell: Kenya is the new girl and gets introduced in the show by meeting up for some lunch with Kesha and Royce. They all seem like there getting along. Kenya meets most of the ladies and I really am liking Kenya. She’s not judging anyone and is really laid back.

What do you think about the new basketball wives? Who’s wrong? Evelyn or Jennifer? Do you think Evelyn was being too hard on Jennifer? What did you think about the first episode of season 4?

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