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Did Dolores Catania Have Weight Loss Surgery!?

Dolores Catania doesn’t come across as someone who has a weight problem, but it turns out that Real Housewives of New Jersey star felt so “unhappy and uncomfortable” about her weight that she underwent a weight loss procedure.

It all started back in July at a Bravo party when Dolores says “I felt really self-conscious about my weight;” admitting “I had gained over 20 pounds from stress and eating late after filming. I just let myself go.”

The RHONJ star decided to try the Obalon Balloon System to lose weight, telling OK! Magazine “Obalon is a nonsurgical treatment where you swallow one balloon each month for three months. They expand and float in your stomach and prevent you from gorging. When you hit your goal weight, they get deflated and removed.”

So, why did Dolores go such extreme measures?

Dolores admits that being on reality TV and owning a gym “added a certain amount of pressure” to look a certain way.

“Portion control is my biggest issue. I overeat. I eat too fast. I ‘m not conscious of what I’m doing. Some people that eat to live; I live to eat,” Dolores explains, making it clear that hitting the gym harder isn’t her problem.

Ultimately, Dolores would like to lose “15 to 20 pounds.”

“I’m 5-feet-4, so I want to stay under 140. Right now I’m 156. If I can lose 15 to 20 pounds I’ll be happy,” Dolores confesses.

I’m sorry, I’m all for people feeling the best about themselves, but I don’t think Dolores needed this type of procedure to lose weight. First off, I think Dolores looks great as is but I don’t know this sounds like she’s just being paid to sell this product. But you know what, whatever, if doing this will make her happy and feel better about herself I’m all for it. I’m curious to see how this works for Dolores and see if she hits her goal.

Thoughts on Dolores’ weight loss tactic? Did Dolores need to go this extreme of a measure to lose weight? Sound off below!

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  • Mountain Skier

    Try eating and drinking less!!

  • Julie S

    Dolores looks much heavier than 156 lbs. She would not qualify for Obalon balloon system. Must be 30-40 % BMI. A gym owner should be able to lose 20 pounds without too much difficulty. Dolores is boring .

    • anne0

      Plus , I had no idea she was only 5’4.

  • Kissme

    She’s a great gym owner ?

    My friends office was advertising this proceeder. I’m still a proponent for eat right and workout.

  • Tai

    I’m finding this story hard to believe. You have to be severely over weight to take part in Obalon. Delores is no where near that. And she looks no different to me at all. So…..

  • Candace Campbell

    Here’s a plan for you Dolores, how about discipline? Every excuse is touted but what about changing your eating habits and learning to stop eating when you’ve had enough? Anxiety eating? What about that gym you march through all the time, do you avail yourself? You have every chance to be healthy and weigh less but instead you cast blame everywhere but don’t seem to just close your mouth. Sad.

  • samael
  • Pokemon

    She is prettier than TreCnt ape face

  • michers

    Jesus. Just saying that out loud does not make her think she’s a momo? Swallows . Balloons. Yeah sure ya got cankles girl but swallowing shit lol?

    • anne0

      Is that really a “thing”? Never heard of swallowing crap. omg

      • michers

        I guess it is now . Too weird

  • mystroxx

    If I had the money I would try it. She must be like Shannon and hates exercise ? Probably got into gyms for money. The best way to lose weight a breast reduction.
    I do not judge as far as her not being able to lose weight at the gym ,she said her problem is over eating ,eating late at night.She doesn’t seem to drink.
    hope it works out for her.

    • luvs2ride

      She has fake boobs and a Brazilian butt lift, which is a fake ass. There’s 15 pounds right there, maybe more.

      If she was moving that “lifted” ass at the gym where she supposedly works all day at, she could eat all she wanted.

      Yeah, I’m judging her.

      • mystroxx

        I wouldn’t know I do not keep up on her or her lifestlye. Weight is an issue for many people for many years I was 106lb and 5’7″ I am small boned and now weigh 170 and people tell me I am skinny . I am not.When I started to gain it was not because I am lazy but MS knocked me on my butt. so I do not judge bout weight that is just me.

        • luvs2ride

          I am sorry to hear you have MS. Dolores does not.

          The fact she is healthy and swallows balloons instead of proper nutrition is why I judge her

          I dont “keep up” with her life or lifestyle either. I just watch the show.

  • samael

    off topic! wow …Congratulations to this person had an awesome friday!

    • luvs2ride

      Good for him.

  • Ginger Muse

    Okay, so I’m no Dull fan. But guys. As some one who as struggled with weight my entire life, from adolescence on. I ‘ve studied every known procedure, diet, and drug on the market. FDA approved or not. I’ve studied the Obalon system. And it is basically a Non Surgical kick starter.

    The balloons are connected to a tube. You swallow the ball on w/ tube. 10 minutes. You are awake the entire time. Once in the stomach, the balloon is inflated through that tube. The tube is snapped off and retracted. 1 balloon is swallowed p3rd month. Limit is 3. After 6 months the tube is inserted again through the mouth and threaded into the stomach. It pokes a balloon, then retracts it the same way it went in. There are some risks involved, but they are marginal at best. It’s much less risky than any of the surgical procedures and quite a bit less risky than many of the drugs on the market. And its quite a bit less expensive than the surgical options.

    The patient foes have to follow a modified diet and exercise program. So just swallowing balloons is not gonna be long term effective if you just do the balloons. The hoped for result is the balloons well make you feel full so the diet changes will become habit.

    I say good for anyone who can afford it, meets the criteria to be a candidate, and can change their daily habits to be able to sustain the results!

    And on a tangent, I lost 95 lbs the old fashioned way. I had a million health issues, got broke and had to come off all my drugs. So I had to watch my intake, 1) for my health, and 2) to cut costs. I still have about 30-40 lbs to go but have hit a plateau. I swear, if I could afford it, I’d try this method!!!!

    Now, back to Dull, can she sustain the results? Will she diet and exercise as required? Only she can answer that! I wish her well.

    • Boo

      Thanks for the explanation of this procedure. I was wondering how it was done.
      Best wishes to you.
      Don’t give up.?

    • mystroxx

      congrats on weight loss. I have been trying to cut back on over eating and that works good enough for me.

    • luvs2ride

      Thank you for the information.
      I think I’d rather run 23 hours a day than have tubes poking & prodding a balloon(!) in my stomach. Throw in the fact you’re awake for this fun? Hell, I’d run an extra hour & make it 24!

      You should be proud you managed to lose a good amount of weight the old fashioned way. Your body will thank you for it tenfold! Best of luck on your weight loss regimen. Keep up the good work!

      As for Dull – she will be getting a lap and this time, next year. Lazy is as lazy does.

    • Vita40

      Kudos to you on your weight loss! That’s something to be proud of for sure! I too have struggled all my life with yoyo weight. I have always been a larger build and I have a slow metabolism. Also, after having cancer in my early 20’s weight became harder to maintain. Now, with PCOS even harder. But the difference between people like me and you, is we have actually TRIED. Dolores just strikes me as lazy and looking for a quick easy fix. And, being the gym owner she is, it should be embarassing to her and her business, that she doesn’t try to work out, or work on portion control before resorting to a medical procedure surgical or non surgical. I think that’s why so many of us are up in arms over this…because she’s a gym owner!!!!!!! with no concept of working out!!!!!

    • Betty

      Interesting. Good luck!

  • justanothermary

    I don’t get it. Does she have to eat a box of needles, one a month for 3 months and hope the balloons get popped? How can this be a good thing? How do the balloons magically inflate in your stomach? What if the balloons come untied and fly around the inside of your stomach? What if they squeal while being deflated? What about this makes sense?

    • luvs2ride

      Your questions are excellent, mary.
      It makes absolutely no sense to me either.
      When I go to the gym late, I grab a protein shake on the way out and call it dinner.
      Weight Watchers and a treadmill would shave off the lbs much quicker, no?

      • justanothermary

        And in a much healthier manner, I would assume. Sometimes it’s not the thin one who is the healthiest, we all know this. It’s also important to eat right, exercise and all that good stuff. I don’t think swallowing balloons is the answer.

        • luvs2ride

          The fact that she OWNS a gym just adds another layer of pathetic to her laziness.

  • samael

    Dull, you wouldn’t be worried about your double bubble, if you attended your own gyms! This is awesome and hearty support for the “gym” ..the the suckers know..they are wasting their money on your memerships..cuz only slicing your body works.

    shit head

    hey …dull..btw..did you ever find out Asslee’s gender? ????

    • Khipp
    • luvs2ride

      LMAO, sammy!
      I guess Potato Head is having another 18 year paycheck.

      • samael

        right? “if it worked before why should I work”..said potato head

        • luvs2ride

          And where is Potato Head’s wedding announcement???

          • samael

            still no proof – he probably woke up and hauled ass

            • luvs2ride

              If he hasn’t hauled ass by now, he gets what he deserves.

      • September24

        OMG. She spawned again?

        • samael

          nope I just ran across this tweet – and became curous

          • luvs2ride

            I wonder why Drunky isn’t tweeting about it. Strange.

    • michers

      LOL Sammy

    • penny

      I don’t care what Dulloris does as long she disappears from my screen! It was so embarrassing watching Dulloris kiss Soggy Siggy’s saggy butt! Dulloris ran behind Soggy Siggy collecting anything she dropped. I juat couldn’t watch these two grown crows give women a bad name.

      As far as The Potatoe Head Jawuline, Jaquline, Dulloris, Soggy Siggy all deserve each other because they’re all wacked in the head!

      • BAPS C

        That was very annoying she was hiding behind Siggy.

        • penny

          She was hidding! I didn’t notice that well because I don’t pay attention to Dulloris and her boring ass. She’s just like Katfish Kathy its like watching paint dry where Dulloris is concerned. She brings nothing to the show, so her ex husband lives with her big deal that’s all she has to offer, and she probably moved him in to have a story line.

  • Khipp

    Push yourself away from the table ample ass. This snake oil, “nonsurgical”, balloon swallowing treatment, to lose 15-20 lbs. is ridiculous. Tho I suspect you weigh a hell of a lot more than the stated 156 pounds.

    By the by DullorAss, no matter what you do, non-surgery, diet, work out, you’ll still have…

    • samael

      OMD! now when I see that gif..I hear Marg’s voice “I’m gonna hit your cankles” ???.. Dull is equal parts stupid and stupid!

      • luvs2ride

        I think it’s 1/4 stupid, 3/4 lazy.

    • luvs2ride

      They’re a lifetime sentence!

    • Boo

      Bwahahaha!!! I love it Khipp!

    • michers

      THE CANKLES !! HW in their own right lol. Andy – hire them lol!!!

  • Pookiebear986

    So she knows exactly what she needs to do and she has the tools to do so but went with the balloon option? huh.

    • michers

      Makes sense yeah ? Said no one rational .

  • Vita40

    Again, she proves why she has no fucking business owning a gym or being in the health industry. 15-20 pounds is not a lot to lose at all. Done properly, she could easily lose that in a couple months or so. Hit one of the freaking gyms you own everyday and do 30 mins cardio with 30 mins of some light weight work and she’d be set. As a matter of fact, she could probaly still eat the way she does now and not gain weight if she just worked out everyday. She doesn’t have a real job, there’s no excuse for her to not lose the weight naturally. I can’t stand this woman lol.

    • luvs2ride

      You’re so right, Vita.

  • September24

    So Dull doesn’t want to make an effort to eat right. shop right. don’t buy the bad stuff. Idiot.

    • michers

      Friend right , live right, divorce right, date right lol. There’s no boyfriend Dull . Give it up

  • Marcy Davis

    That’s insane,you say no surgery how in the hell do they deflate them? Stick a pin in it. Siggy might be the problem of her stress also, must be Exhausting being her Bestie.