Bethenny Frankel Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of New York - RHONY

Bethenny Frankel Confirms Her Return to RHONY For Season 10!

She’s back!

Bethenny Frankel is confirming that she will be returning to the Real Housewives of New York for season 10!

The Skinny Girl mogul opened up to Entertainment Tonight about season 10 and made it crystal clear she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“I think I will probably be back, to be honest,” Bethenny explained. “I mean, I don’t play that game where I pretend I’m not coming back. Bravo’s a great partner; the show has been great to me and vice versa and, I mean, you know, it’s a good gig, and I’m lucky to have it.”

Bethenny returned to the show that made her famous during season 7 and helped revive the franchise.

I am so happy that the B will be back for season 10!

Are you excited that Bethenny will be back for season 10?

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  • TG! I was holding my breath.

    No seriously, love me some B. She is the glue that holds this show together. And she sure brings her own brand of spark to the show. Great.

  • Happy, Happy, Happy! She has always been my favorite. Love the mouth and strength of conviction. Hope Dorinda is back also. She is fantastic. Love her.

  • Ugh – The dictatorial BFrankelstein drags the show down with her oppressive presence. The rest of the cast is at her mercy.
    Every one of them are fearful of upsetting her, which makes the action to be skewed. Seemingly honest criticism is thrown at everyone, except Bitchenny.

    She’s scheduled to be on Shark Tank & the R.E. show with Fredrik. That’s a glut of Barfenny. Too much of BF is never a good thing.

    • I’m with you. BFrankelstein is already impossible. She has too much power regarding casting & story lines.

  • I’m glad. Of course her acerbic wit and tounge many people find so offensive, I enjoy and in fact laugh at, at times. She’s definitely in your face type of woman, she doesn’t lie and maintains her dignity and integrity in comparison to the majority of the many other “ladies”. She brings something different and I’d rather have her than Moaner and LuMann, or Icky, Tamrot, Kelly, and so on and so on, and so on… imo

    • FiddleDeeDee – Hallo, mein Freund!!!! It’s great to *see* you!!!

      In answer to your question; YES, we have suffered enough. ENOUGH of BFrankelstein!!!

      • Hallo Medusa!!! Guten Tag, lange nicht gesehen!
        I thought FrankelJaw was supposed to disappear after 3 seasons on NY to behind the scenes? Did I misunderstand or was I projecting? LOL Soooo nice to see you again, missed your posts over there.>>>>>>>>>>>

        • Hi again, FDD ~ I didn’t know what the terms of BF’s return to RHONY was. Andy gave her the show to rebuild her ego. I’d say he succeeded. BFrankelstein acted as if it was beneath her “stature as a megaSTAR” to be there. At no time was she not pushing her “brand”. After 3 seasons, apparently, she still can’t get enough of herself on RHONY, and it’s her toy to keep. (I miss being over “there”, too. After the Labor Day Massacre, the “powers-that-be” have put me in poster purgatory, probably forever.)

          • Oh no, what happened? I haven’t been posting because I was getting trolled really hard and kind of quit going there for a while. This makes me sad Medusa, you were one of my favorites, someone who could always remain calm and see things for what they were. 🙁 I’m glad I wandered over here…..and “found” you!!

            • In recent times, I noticed that you were MIA and I wondered what happened.
              Over the Labor day weekend, the interchanges got out of hand. I didn’t realize that a few of us were being chased by 3 separate trolls. Once I did (after the 2nd go around), I ignored them. I suggested we all ignore them. I then continued the conversation, in progress. But, one particular troll followed me (& a few other posters) over a couple of threads. At a quick glance, it probably looked as if we instigated the constant trolling. When the mod returned on Monday, s/he probably assumed it was one long argument and wiped everyone involved away. I know the rules, and I thought I followed them. However, I guess s/he sees it differently. So, that’s the end of my run there 🙁
              I’m glad you came here, too.

              • I’m really sorry Medusa, that makes me sad. I don’t know if you want to continue commenting over there but you can change your IP address and continue to add to the threads, obviously that’s your decision. I can help you with that if you would like to. Just a suggestion, I’m sure others are missing you as well, not just me. I wondered why traffic seemed to be lighter and there are new posters there too, not that that is strange but thery are Icki supporters, which I can’t get on board with, at all.

                • I’ll think about it. I think I know how to go back with a new moniker, etc. I’m not sure I want to, though. My style of verbiage would give me away. LOL.. (I’m going to edit the above post, not knowing if it was allowed here)…

  • Not sure I’d like RHONY without Bethenny. Her delivery might be harsh, but she always has something clever to say.

  • She doesn’t play that game because she holds all the power there are basically no disadvantages for her to returning each time. Unfortunately her fellow castmates aren’t so lucky….

    • I’m with you. With all considerations, I enjoy having her on the show. You want to get rid of someone, try RaMOANa!

      • Fuchess yes i enjoy her on the show too but i can totally see why she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Abrasive but i like a gal who speaks her mind and shows a bit of b*tch when needed.

  • Of course B will be back. She’s not going to give up all that free advertising. RHNY aka as the Skinny Girl infomercial.