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Luann de Lesseps Is Over Her “Jealous” Friends and Co-Stars; Says She Happier Than Ever!

Jealous much?

Luann de Lesseps is done with the jealous from her Real Housewives of New York co-stars and her good friends.

In her recent, Bravo blog Luann breaks down last week’s episode and makes it clear that her friends are jealous over how happy and in love she and Tom are.

Luann then makes it clear she and Tom are blissfully happy and have nothing to prove.

See what Luann had to say below!

From charities to Chad, the ladies had it going on this week! Who has time for negativity when I’m planning a fabulous wedding weekend? So many details! As you can see, I was working on the wedding when I met Sonja at Il Postino for lunch. Sonja is happy for us and although she’ll be out of town for our wedding, she wishes us all the best. At least someone is happy for us! After I finished up with Sonja, Victoria and I met with my good friend Mary Gordon of Mary Gordon Beauty to plan wedding day hair and makeup. We are going for a fresh, natural look and I know that Mary will make us and my bridesmaids look amazing!

I was happy to walk into Dorinda’s party to see how the women came together to raise money and how hard they worked on behalf of Beauty for Freedom, an anti-human trafficking organization. I bought Dorinda’s Givenchy purse for Victoria’s bridesmaid’s gift. I’m a huge fan of Givenchy.

Ramona giving dating advice to Tinsley is hysterical! From steakhouses to eye contact, Ramona believes she knows the secret to meeting good men so why she continues to disparage my relationship by gossiping, I don’t understand. She’s dating to find someone special and now that I’ve done just that, she might be a bit jealous? Another “friend” of mine, Barbara K. was caught on tape spreading rumors that I was having second thoughts about marrying Tom…after she RSVP’d “yes” to my wedding! I never would have invited her had I known how she really felt about Tom and me. #GirlCode? You can tell by the smile on my face that I’ve got nothing to prove and everything to look forward to.

Until next week, with friends like these, who needs enemies?

I think Luann lives in a land called delusional! It’s clear that Luann and Tom are forcing their love and happiness. They are so awkward with each other it’s hard to watch. I think Luann’s friend Barbara spoke the truth and I totally believe Luann has so much to prove. Only time will tell if Luann and Tom’s love will last or it’s been doomed from the start.

Thoughts on Luann’s blog? Do you think Luann’s co-stars and friends are jealous of her and Tom’s relationship? Does Luann have something to prove? Do you believe Barbara spoke the truth?

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  • No one is jealous of your slimy grimy cheater babes ! Furthermore, not jealous of you.

  • I don’t believe so much that the hags are jealous…just assholes. Jeez, what a bunch of crepe hangers.

    Not a big Lu fan but leave the woman alone to enjoy her wedding plans. After that let the chips fall where they may. The only thing the hags care about, if/when the marriage goes belly up is being able to say, gloating, “I told you so”. Eh.

  • Part of me feels like Ramona is coming from a good place, because of what happened with her and her husband. However, her approach to every situation is always wrong. Ramona also loves being the center of attention, so I feel like that takes precedence over her truly trying to be a friend to Luann.

    • I agree . She’s not ever been that great at delivery when she is so ” passionate” with her belief at time !

  • Yep, Lu is delusional. Who in their right mind would be jealous over their relationship?
    And her using #girlcode?!?!? does she realize it DOES apply to her too?
    Here’s a thought – maybe people wouldn’t gossip if Tom could keep his hands and lips to himself.

    • She’s cray !!! I always think she WANTS others to be envious /she believes that even though not true ! It’s extra funny cause she was a cheater too a few seasons back and tried school everyone when she breaks all the ” codes” LOL!

  • Tom is a whore,and Lu and her friends and cast gossip..and this is how people react to what people are watching, another “open marriage”for Lu,

    Which is why Lu doesn’t consider any of the “disclosure’s” of cheating (and there are tons) by Tom. he is not cheating, they are
    in an open marriage.

    aka…storyline for life.

    • Sam …lol.. You had me at Tom’s a whore !
      I also side eye Lu for staying on cast , disinviting the ladies and bitching about the ladies yet says they’re friends but won’t include them in things because how they are … Umm what ? Then go away maybe ?

      • Not sure I know how to post a gif, but to Samael’s “Whore” I am attempting to put up Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development’s popular gif ttp://

    • They’ll stay married as long as they can keep their indiscretions private. It’s clear they have an open marriage, or at least a look the other way marriage. She should get off the show ASAP if she wants some privacy.

      • what I wonder, is when will her “dates” be outted on National TV? remember Bethenny did talk about it a couple of years ago?

  • Even if Tom wasn’t caught flirting and didn’t date Ramona, Ramona would still find something negative to say! So yes she is jelly!

    • Itchy twitchy Mona has to have a say in everything. Ick. Where’s her man? Oh right, he cheated on her and they divorced.