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Gretchen Rossi Is “PISSED” At Marriage Boot Camp Producers For The Way They Edited Her And Slade Smiley!

gretchen and slade

Same (bleep) different show! That seems to be the case for Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star lashed out on Twitter over the editing that took place on last Friday’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp. If you haven’t been watching the show, the couples did an exercise where one of them (Gretchen) had to play dead in a morgue, and the other (Slade) had to talk to her corpse one last time. (Weird I know.) Check out what Gretchen said really happened in that scene


Do you think Gretchen and Slade’s relationship will last? Have you been watching Marriage Boot Camp?

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Ashley Rub

  • Teresa

    Maybe Tamra and Eddie can join them on that show. Lol

  • Oahu Stacey

    OMG, Slade is starting to go “Pageant” and starting to look like Gretchen!

    • Teresa

      Or is Gretchen looking like slade? Lol

  • Virtually Real

    Thanks, dsc60. Before I read your post I was almost going to check out the show to see what the fuss was about. But reading what you wrote, I won’t waste a minute on it. What you wrote about what it said on their flipping cards–what a flipping bore.

  • gameofclowns

    I don’t watch this show either, but, how do you blame editing on one segment of the show for your hesitation in an earlier segment? Gretchen has no idea how they’re going to be edited as they were filming. I call BULL HONKEY on her and her lame excuses.

    • dsc60

      If they were new to the world of reality television, I would be able to stomach her complaints a bit more than I do. It’s one thing for her to talk about the “edit,” quite another for her to be “PISSED” about it. Give us a break already.

      For their “boot camp” intro, Gretchen holds up a card that says “I need a baby.” Next Slade flips his sign that says “I need a job.” Seriously?!?! If that isn’t a bunch of crap I don’t know what is. As I recall… she insisted he did on RHs during all that back and forth drama. Which is it? Talk about desperate.

      • gameofclowns

        Thanks for the brief summary. I’d like to hold up a sign that says “You’re both desperate fame whores” AND flip them the bird to their face. They can’t even keep their stupid story straight.

  • Me

    Is Gretchen morphing into a man? She looks like a dude in drag.

    • Teresa

      You are so right. I don’t watch the show. But all that surgery where her and tamra are trying to look alike. She does look like a man in drag. Slade looks like a bum. I was so glad when they made them leave oc house wives.

  • Taco Tuesday

    I am one of the few who actually like Gretchen and Slade. I find their hustling personalities fascinating. And I think it’s a small miracle that they found each other in this world. (so no one else gets hurt! LOL) Their relationship likely won’t last but at this point, to me, they just fit together.

    But I don’t watch Marriage Bootcamp. I probably would DVR it if I knew what channel it was on.

    • LAMysteryGrl

      It’s on WE and I watch it. It also has Tracy Braxton and her husband, JWoww and Roger, Trista and Ryan (first bachelorette) and Tanisha and Clive (host of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love, too.)

      I watch it bc it interests me to see the reality stars in different settings and hear them talk about their other shows. I also like to see the different styles of couples counseling. Very different from Couples Therapy!

      • Taco Tuesday

        Thanks very much! I will go DVR it right now 🙂

  • Free Kroy

    I don’t watch.

  • romo

    Slade looks like one of the Oakridge Boys.

    • Taco Tuesday

      LOL! exactly!

  • Panda Bear

    I started watching this show with the bridezillas.

    Everyone else on the show has their number its kind of hilarious. And Gretchen placing herself in everyone else’s business is so transparent, anything for camera time. I saw this episode and didn’t even remember this part. They are the throwaway couple for me.

  • jen

    another show that shows them as the low life scum bottom feeders they actually are.#getalife #getarealJOB #you2rpathetic

  • mtrae9

    No I have not been watching, but if Gretchen is not happy with editing then she needs to stay off TV. I like Gretchen and Slade, but you can’t always blame bad editing.

  • truth

    Slade looks even more gross and creepy with his long hair and long beard. Ewww.

    • db

      He reminds me of that Cody creep from SISTER WIVES.

      • September24

        OMG! Yes you nailed it!

  • Cheryl

    Stop the bitching Gretchen or excuse me “White Oprah”. Ive been watching these two on MBC and they are still the fakest couple ever. Gretchen and Slade will do about any reality show to keep them the tiniest bit of revelant and collect a paycheck. I cant with them.

    • BM Barbie

      Just WHAT THE FUCK did she think was going to happen?!?! She was going to go on this show and look GOOD???

      I just can’t with this broad.

  • Just me

    Nevr watched this show………

    • Mego the Lying stripper

      You are lucky.

  • Mego the Lying stripper

    I am watching this series, I am ashamed to admit and after the episode that Gretchen described, I am now convinced that their relationship is fake, and it is a business arrangement. What did she think would happen when she sunk so low as to go on a show like this? Anything to stay on reality t.v. They are actors. Slade is an actor. He is a despicable person. We all know he has had a vasectomy, so why is she droning on about getting pregnant. Get pregnant yourself using a sperm bank or a sperm donor. And stfu.

    • Mego the Lying stripper

      OMG the show is so horrible.

    • michers

      I have not dared yet… Im glad 🙂 Have not heard anything good about them on it, or this season of it. I had to peep this because the headline of her whining LOL! I never really felt her and Slade were authentic; always thought it was business, for both of them to make $$, stay on tv, etc….I will never forget Slade’s mom last year on that one episode- she called his ass out LOL.. Too bad we never saw her again!

  • lola

    They are SO fake and aware of the cameras!!
    Gretchen is terrible so annoying and trying way to hard for camera time.
    They can’t get mad over a bad edit, when they are so fake and trying to edit themselves during filming the whole time.
    The whole time on RHOC they had a perfect relationship, now they are on a show about fixing their relationship. Bs.

    • Shiks

      Relax Gretchen, no one is watching that show!

      • lily drake

        LOL! Oh so true!

        • db

          I’ve never even heard of it.

  • September24

    This show is boring and slow moving. Couples Therapy is a much better show.