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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Tells The RHOA They Have To Film With ALL Their Castmates If They Expect A Paycheck!


The days of NeNe Leakes thinking she can pick and choose who she wants to film with are O-V-E-R! Since Bravo has invited ALL the ladies back, including Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams who were violent at the season 6 reunion — Bravo has told all the ladies that if they want to keep their paycheck they will do their job and film with ALL their castmates. Our RHOA source EXCLUSIVELY tells AllAboutTRH that NeNe is PISSED!

Our source reveals,

Bravo has had it with the egos of the housewives. They talked to all the Atlanta ladies when they were asked back and specifically told them that if they expect to stay on the show and receive their paycheck, they will do what every employee has to do — THEIR JOB!

That’s not all. Our source also reveals that producers have had it with NeNe’s demands!

Producers have especially had it with NeNe’s superior attitude. They know that this is her only “million dollar” job and she won’t quit despite what she demands she tries making. Not only that, she’s never had anything interesting going on in her life that could carry her on the show. Her interaction with her castmates is what makes her interesting.

THANK GOODNESS! These ladies and their “filming demands” are just ridiculous. And I have to agree about NeNe. Her drama with her co-stars was what made her enjoyable, the rest of her life was boring. What do you guys think?

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  • I agree. NeNe is as boring as her husband when she is not interacting with the other ladies in unlady-like ways.

  • IMO there just isn’t anything interesting about Nene unless you happen to be conducting a study on delusional people.

    I have sensed that Andy no longer felt the tingle up his leg from Nene and now that her show that I never saw was cancelled and her status on the other in question or gone, RHOA is all she has going on. What is interesting about her life? Greg? Puh-leeze? Her kids? Nah. Her constant fighting and screaming with cast members and sashaying around like she is a sex kitten when she is more moose than kitten? Nah. Her constant bragging? Nope. The only funny thing about watching Nene now is seeing how utterly jealous she is of Kenya who is the new B in town. But I CAN’T STAND kENYA EITHER….ANOTHER BORE.

    • Sorry about the cap button on part of my last comment. Not trying to emphasize anything….just a stuck cap.

  • I hope they told Aviva the same thing because she always has an excuse for not going on the ladies trips!

  • I am happy to know the ladiesare all comining back on equal footing. No big I little i.

  • If it’s not written in their original contracts, the women can do whatever they want…

    • @lucienne

      That is the beauty of having a NEW contract every year. Therefore, the former contract is void. This is why Bravo gives them a NEW contract every year once the person agrees to be on the show. Demands are a two way street. Bravo has demands and so do the HW.

  • Nene?! I didn’t like her at first,then started liking her.Now I definitely dislike her.she thinks she’s better than the rest.and the way she disrespected Andy!! Ugh

  • Real good of the producers to put forth such rule, yes! Nene isn’t QUEEN of this or that, same goes for Krazi kenya. These women are only famous in their head. Delusional tricks!

    Andy is the ONLY QUEEN.

    • @funkypink

      Actually this policy came into effect because of Jacqueline (NJ) who didn’t attend the Season 4 Reunion, she was “sick.”

      Because, of this policy it’s the very reason that Adrienne was fired; you MUST attend the Reunion or run the risk of being fired.

      Bravo is all about the rating and making good television; and when Adrienne (who was the CENTER of drama that year) didn’t attend the Reunion to answer for her shenanigans, Adrienne was fired on the spot; AND she should have been. Adrienne denied Bravo Prods. their TV ratings; and the company was not going to let her get away with this action. Her Punishment: Being fired.

  • I am just sick of Kandi and her mother. Kandi is so boring she does not have a story line without her mother. Kandi and that family of her’s is so disfunctional. Joyce and her sister’s have been out of control for a very long time. Is it any wonder that Kandi is so emotional damage.

    • So agree. I loathe Kandi’s mother and her creepy sisters. A bunch of thuggish lowlifes. And kandi is so stupid and weak….I just can’t.

  • NeNe thinks she is so special, it will be interesting to see if she really follows the rules. Somehow, I don’t think she will, then it will be interesting to see if Bravo follows through with their expectations for these ladies.

    • I think Nene will have no choice but to follow the rules or she will be out. She isn’t exactly a fan favorite!

  • All Nene is going to do is just turn up the drama. No one is safe this time around. I will be expecting a couple of people turning up the drama for season 7.

    • Well at least she’ll be earning her paycheck instead of always throwing shade in her talking heads to get her 1M bucks.

  • The producers hit the head on the nail with the Nene read!!! Her interaction with the other girls Nene “million dollar” days are laughable to say the least. Her acting was terrible!! I hope the reality check will bring her off her high horse she has been on the past season. It was like watching the Countess Luann season one RHNY all over again!!!

    • Oh but remember—Nene “digs deep” with her acting ! She truly believes that she is a great actress. That’s what just kills me ! She’s HORRIBLE !

      • Digs deep my ass! Her meeting with her agent last season was so hard to watch, she just not get it when he was clearly telling her “You need acting classes and coaching. JUST BECAUSE YOU MEMORIES A FEW LINES AND REPEAT THEM TO BE FILMED DOES NOT MAKE THEE AN ACTOR. I habe seen high school plays with better acting. Nene better come back to reality before she gets the boot Jill Zarrin style for believing she is the show!!!

  • Guess Nene isn’t running things at Bravo anymore. Maybe she’ll actually start being interesting again, because I miss it. Nene brought all her homegirls to the show this season and they really didn’t do anything but watch the parade of drama.

    Bravo though with this decision might again want to intensify the drama, which scary, because look how much of a near blood bath it was in S6. Bravo might want to be real careful with their asset and not make it into a liability with too much violence.

  • Good for Bravo! The same needs to go for every franchise – Beverly Hills especially too.

    If you sign on the dotted line, put on your big girl panties, move on from the endless grudges and show up for the filming schedule –all filming and not just the parties, dinners and events they personally host. Same goes with outside work demands for these ladies – if they want to do outside jobs whether it is filming other tv jobs or working at their restaurant, they still need to show up for the Bravo filming days or the show suffers and is less interesting when only 2 or 3 of the 6 ladies is present at things.

    When the ladies refuse to film with each other, like Aviva in New York, or skip trips and event tapings like Carlton did, the show is less interesting, period.

    • Carlton didnt skip a trip, she was disinvited by Joyce on advise of Kyle. Or Kyle was the only one invited by Joyce but then Kyle Brandi and Yo saw it as an opportunity to the the Lisa “non reveal” and they turned it into a group trip but Kyle had said no carlton! lolllll

  • If the producers don’t like her demands….why is she still coming back. They can fire her if they want…I think its nothing but talk!

    • For the same reason Nene is coming back despite claiming it is beneath her, negative and the pay not being worth it.

  • Well this should be a very Intresting season porsha, phe and nene depise kenya nene can’t stand kenya and isn’t interested in Cynthia and I don’t think porsha will go cynthia much daylight for being up kenyas ass! Like none of the cast apart from a few get on kandi is probably only one who keeps out of it all.

  • I take it that the quotation marks around million dollar implies that Nene never earned a million dollar per season from the show as believed by many.

    • But the source took a huge poop on her ego look at how the source worded it, … she’s never had anything interesting going on in her life that could carry her on the show.. Like OMG LOL!

      • And the source is right, there’s nothing going on in Nene’s life that’s interesting. Her acting career? Oops! She was completely boring last season and if it hadn’t been for Kenya setting her up, Nene wouldn’t have had any storyline.

        • The only time the word acting and Nene and used in the same sentence is when “Nene is acting a fool”!

    • @Jarlath

      NeNe is the highest paid HW (then Teresa from NJ). she received $750k per season; and $250 for attending the Reunion. This is standard, you will receive your base salary; and once you tape the Reunion, (which is usually two TO three months AFTER the season has aired) you will receive the Reunion check. This is most likely why many HW’s appear on the Reunion show: to pick up their last check! LOL!

  • Now that you have decided to bring kenya back. You should just sit back and wait for the lawsuits. Oh yah there coming. Someone and thier are many are not hoing to put up with kenyas crap and bulling. Someone will get her.!!!

    • Kandi will be in the middle this season with porsha and phe hating kenya and esp after reunion porsha knows kenya is a class A rachet whore she will keep out of the way

    • @sharon Coffman

      The ONLY lawsuit that I know about it the one that Kenya can put against Porsha for assaulting her. No matter how you or other feel about Kenya, Porsha put her hands on Kenya. Not only that the police felt the same way (even after watching the non-edited footage). Again, the ONLY lawsuit would be Kenya vs. Porsha.

      Now, as far as this bullying — How has Kenya bully Porsha? This is a word, which is incorrectly used ALL THE TIME especially by HW’s. Just because you do not like a person for what they say to you; doesn’t make that person a bully. Besides, last season those two (Kenya & Porsha) really didn’t interact with each other much; and when they did it was no problem — maybe some verbal arguments; but, hey what a HW program, if there were no disagreements?

      Porsha is NOT a little girl, she is a WOMAN in her 30’s and she GIVES as much as she GETS. This WOMAN is NOT being bullied. What is happening she is LOSING the War of Words with Kenya; so, she has decided (and others as well) that since she can’t beat Kenya with WORDS I will physically attacked her. Well, this is the REAL WORLD and when you put your hands on ANYONE you will have to pay the consequences; and now this is what happening with Porsha.

      BUT, I disagree with you, the sweet little Porsha is NOT being bullied.

  • This should be interesting. But, talk about all the unessessary snide remarks that we are gonna be bothered with. Dont just focus on NeNe’s behavior. Also, check KRAZY K’s!

  • Yeah…..not excited for this new season either. They should not even be making demands like this, because they know what they are getting to when they signed the contract. The entire point of the show are for them to interact with one another.

  • Well well, I take it whoever is the source is Anti-Nene. BLOOP! to you!

    Nene is Queen there and will remain Queen. If the ride is over is because Nene herself decided to get off taking fame and money with her. Jealous much haters?

    • No………not really…….or at all. She has no more influence or power than any of the other HWs. She ain’t no producer like Mariah from M2M.

      • HAHA Jarlath—-ITA !!! I cannot wait to see Nene cut down several notches. It’s coming. And no I’m not jealous. It kills me that people think that if we don’t like someone we are automatically jealous of them. Mmmm Hmmmm. yeah, delusional for sure. LOL

    • I agree. Who is this source? I have no idea why there are such NeNe haters but oh well. Now Kenya…I totally understand her haters…lol

      • There are Nene haters because her attitude is UGLY. Someone that thinks they are “on another level than all these other ladies” is not someone I like.

    • lol Nene’s the queen in a world where there’s only Nene. please, queen my ass. she’s nobody.

    • The source is very anti Nene. Can anyone remind me when Nene refused to film with anyone? Even though she was not featuring Kenya after the charity event she still filmed with her. It has been other wives in pet cities that have refused to film with other wives go call them out. If Nene was such a non factor then nobody would care or try to force her to film.

      @ Jayden what does being a EP have to do with it? Mariah is being shut out on the show she is EP of, Quad just played the me or her card and from the looks of it there is no Mariah on the trip next week. Toya or Kari didn’t film with Mariah either after the fight last season.

      • My point is that Nene and some of her fans like to make it seem like she has so much more power than any of the other HWs of Atlanta, and like she is a voluntary EP like Mariah is. It was a comparison, and I am sure that Mariah did not want to film with Kari and Toya either.

        • Who would want to film with Toya that check is another Sheree with wanting to buy a big ass house she couldn’t afford.

        • @ Jayden
          Didn’t Mariah invite Toya and Kari to her home last year and they didn’t show up? I’m a Mariah fan and couldn’t stand Toya but let’s call it like it is. Nene never said that she got anyone fired, she told Sheree they she had picked the wrong team and buy that I got that she would’ve went to bat and tried to not get Sheree fired. Sheree picked Kim over Nene and Kim only cares about Kim she showed that with Kandi. Nene never said that Sheree should get fired, she fought for Marlo to become a Housewife, begged Kim not togo, Said she can’t stand Kenya but she’s good for the show. Nene only said Kenya should go alsi if Porsha is fired for the fight. I saw fans on all blogs saying Cynthia needs to go until Nene said it, now everybody is drinking the Peter and Cynthia Kool aid. Nene had enough sense to know they on a hit show with the ladies that are currently on the show, if the show loses the ratings then her opportunities for additional income go out the door also.

        • Actually, It’s not Nene and her fans that make her seem like she is more important. It was Bravo who made the statement loud and clear when they made her the highest paid housewife in history!

          • Is Bravo making them blog, because they are the worst franchise in blogging and engaging with the fans. The worst one is Kandi.

        • Nene has said SHE didn’t want to film with Marlo, Kenya and now, Cynthia. I hope she is reduced to FOW, get a dose of reality and get rid of her “delusionalness”! LMAO when I heard her say that. As a FOW she can then take her extra time to read or take Rosetta Stone for English so she can better represent herself and stop making up words.

      • Nene is the Queen of Turd Sh@t Island with her RACHETT Donald trump wig! Porsha is her little Turd Sh@t minion who keeps dust covers on her two FAV wigs, Donald Trump and George Washington. The queen of Turd Sh@t Island , you are so funny I love it!

    • The ONLY QUEEN that Nene is is a DRAG QUEEN ! Nene Is the Queen of Ghetto TRASH! The QUEEN of BITTER! Nene is so hateful, negative, she doesn’t even own a home. In stead of paying her taxes , ( 800 K in rears) she had to buy her own engagement ring. In stead of buying a good quality diamond, Nene took the RACHETT ROUTE, and bought a big , low quality, FLAWED, no sparkle , Cheap Diamond. Too. Ad her man Greg is JOBLESS and broke so poor Hag had to buy her own Ring! PATHETIC! Perhaps she payed her son , the thief , to ” ” BOOST” Her RING. No one I mean NO ONE is JEALIOUS of NENE ! KEnya has class and intelligence not to mention beauty 3 things Nene has none of.Nene is the QUEEN Of Stupid and her Dim witted Porsha.. Dumbo and dim wit!

  • Could someone please confirm if Nene is coming back as a housewife or just a friend of the housewives? I’ve been hearing that she will no longer hold a PEACH next season.

    • absolutely! finally Bravo is putting their foot down, with as much money as these ladies make, they need to understand that this is a job afterall.

      • They are putting their foot down because they have had it with Nene and her attitude. Lets be real, Andy didn’t like not once not twice but three times she showed her ass to him on the reuinion and WWHL and essentially told him go F himself. Andy is the ringmaster and he doesn’t like being played. So he went back to the meetings with Bravo and essentially agreed that they will lay the law down on all of them and make them film with each other whether they want to or not. And at the same time relegate Nene to a friend of the housewives so that everybody will know that whe was demoted.

        Nene didn’t want to film with people she didn’t like and also act like she was in control of the franchise. Another reason was by her deciding who and what and where to film she would get her Bravo check and at the same time be trying to make moves on other shows that Bravo wants vetted first which sometimes she doesn’t do. One crucial think about her being made to film with everybody is the fact that bravo knows that they will fight and Nene will eventually get called out on some BS that she doesn’t want called out on even her husband. She keeps away in order to make sure they don’t take her down also.

        But as I’ve said before, Nene is getting taken to the woodshed and they are going to throw her under the bus and roll over her back and forth.